The Day That Matthew Moved into His New House   Leave a comment

Matthew’s new house.  I am so pleased with the mature trees, lots of perennials and the street ends at the next house so there will be lots of privacy and freedom from traffic noise.   What a lovely home!

This is how I knew I was in the correct house….   The house was pretty much empty, but there was a lone Mountain Dew in the fridge and our son enjoys his Mountain Dew so I knew I was in his home!

Jazmin thought that it was very nice that his house had a stage for her….  this dog is all about drama!

Brad is Matthew’s best friend from when they worked together at a trucking company where Brad’s father was the boss.  Matthew stood up in Brad and Michelle’s wedding and is the god-father to their baby girl, Eliza.  They are a precious family and they arrived at the house when I was cleaning alone so we had a wonderful time of catching-up.  Eliza loves her uncle Matthew.

Moving–cleaning team — or at least some of them!

A worn out crew —  The living room looked lots cleaner after we all left.

Staying with Matthew meant feminizing his bathroom…..  the poor guy!  Make-up, straighteners and curlers….

After cleaning and moving for the whole day, we went out for pizza and bowling….  and had so much fun.

Annie, giving some pointers to the guys…. and it looks like that’s cracking Jason up!

Matthew and his friend Emily, who also is Mandy’s good friend and roommate.

We had a great night, I think Jason won for points, but we girls did pretty well.

After bowling, Mandy, Justin and Tanner headed home while Emily and the rest of us went to Matthew’s house to spend the night.  We had dessert, tea, talked and watched a movie and then Emily left and the rest of us headed to beds.  One of the biggest blessings of Matthew’s home is that there is room for our whole family!   Rick and I had a downstairs bedroom and bath while the girls slept in the family room and Jeni and Jason in one of the upstairs bedrooms….  lots of room!

In the morning we headed out to our favorite Green Bay Church, Bayside.  It was icy and very slippery in the parking lot but Annie thought she could handle it in her stylin’ heels.  That proved more difficult than she thought so Jason, ever a gentleman, gave her his arm and made sure she got into the church without a wipe-out!

We thought we would save time by grabbing some fast food for lunch so that Jason and Jeni could get on the road for Milwaukee.  We waited and waited and waited after ordering……  it became ridiculous and so Melody suggested that we were not holding up our little numbers high enough for then to see……….

Grabbing lunch before hitting the road —

We left the kitchen and the bathroom clean, and looking nice.

We had a great time and God answered many prayers.

We are thankful for this home that God has given our son, it is a wonderful place.

Posted February 22, 2012 by joyfulhouse

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