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Summer Pictures —   Leave a comment


Jeni and Jason with my mother —


Canning time —  Beans, beans, and more beans —  for which we are very thankful!




My beautiful mother in my front garden —  I owe my love of gardening to this woman although I will always with I had received more than a finger tip of her “green thumb” abilities!   🙂





Mandy and my mom


Saying goodbye to my mom.  We spent the night in Green Bay at Matthew’s house, went to church in the morning and then Mom flew out in the afternoon.  So much fun to be together and I am once again thankful that our son bought such a roomy home which enables us to be with him overnight without the least bit of feeling crowded!   Good job Matthew!





Picking beans in our wild garden!   Our college girl – as well as her sisters have a dreaded fear of snakes– hence the tall boots!


Beautiful girls!


Saying goodbye to Kristi the morning we headed out for VA.


What a precious picture — my husband loves his children so much and although it is hard to have his daughter Kristi so far from home, he has adjusted well!  They keep in touch via texting, especially during Packer games!


Dinner for four once again — except for the meat, all of the meal is from our garden — soooo  good.



August brought our dear friends from VA to visit — We all fell in love with Aaron, especially my sweet husband.


Did I mention that Aaron loved us too!



We love this family so much, they are precious and baby Aaron will be raised for the glory of the Lord and to know God for which we are very thankful.!

Did I mention we have been VERY busy!  August is crunch time — Work, College, getting our school plans up and running, enjoying guests, gardening and canning —   and to some degree trying to survive Door County at the height of it’s busy season well, let’s just say it has been very stressful.  But, as always, God enabled us to get through and to be honest, this was the hardest summer season we have ever had.  The fishing has been lean for a year but the restaurants need just as much as ever if not more for their orders.  The combination has been difficult for all the Commercial Fishermen in Door County.  Thankfully we have all worked together and bought from each other and shared the stress!  It had truly been a season of bearing each other’s burdens as Galatians tells us to do.

I am thankful that God has lead us and strengthened us and taught us to be diligent in our prayers and seeking Him.  There have not been great tides of overwhelming faith in this for us, but there has been an ever increasing step by step, sometimes crawling 🙂 walk of faith when it comes to our fishery.  It is not over as we head into our fall season when fishing is supposed to be at it’s peak, but as we know from last year can also be a season of failure.  And yet God provides — through other work and jobs and the gift of faith.  He is so good and we thank Him for meeting our needs.

I have more to tell and will in days to come —

School is started and the canning is still keeping me busy every week along with my cleaning jobs but there is much share.

Blessed today!




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This is our beautiful and godly daughter Annie.  The latest graduate from our Homeschool, Johnson Academy.

We are so thankful for all of God’s leading in her life.  He has done wondrous things on her behalf and grown her into a multi-talented young woman who delights in serving others and being a blessing to her friends and family.  She is a joy and that huge smile on her face is symbolic of her life as she chooses joy to be her foundation.  She has the Johnson wit, ohhhhh does she have the Johnson wit!   She is so funny but as there is an ongoing competition in this family to be known as funniest, I won’t say more than that!   She speaks the WORD!  She has really come into a place in her spiritual maturity that she can bring the one and only TRUTH to those she is in conversation with, and God is glorified.  She has conquered fears.  She loves to worship and she is a joy to watch worshiping.  🙂   She loves children and children love her.   She is a faithful sister to her siblings and feels their pain deeply, she is a prayer warrior for those in need.  She sacrifices her time and finances for the needy locally and around the world. She is an animal lover……. a balanced animal lover!   She brings us joy, what more can we say?   We are proud of her and all that she has accomplished in eighteen years on planet earth.  She will do much for the Kingdom of God.  Watch out world!  She is a Prov. 31 young  woman, a mighty warrior woman of God.

With Dad and Mom.

Our family so far~

I want to thank all of these wonderful family members who hauled chairs and tables and decorated and served food and blessed and blessed and blessed.  Team Johnson always comes through and we could not have made this day so special for Annie without all of you.  You are loved.

The other graduate we were celebrating that day was Gretel.  Here she is with her mother Karen, my dear friend.

The sister serving crew…… this picture sums up our life….. someone is usually laughing!   This picture brings me so much delight as Mandy has the best laugh going here.  I love sisters being sisters.  🙂

Beautiful young women and a few photo-b0mbing young men!

It gets better with more photo bombing!

This is the cottage wall, the most popular place to sit and chat and watch people.  🙂

Annie was off busy greeting folks so Jeni (her look alike in  many ways) stepped up to her table to greet people and tell of Annie’s future plans!   She did confuse a few folks.  🙂

                                                            Annie and Gretel, dear friends and sisters in Christ.


My dear husband Rick served water and pink lemonade to all the guests, rarely leaving his work station.  Here he is with his best friend Paul H., not to be confused with his other best friend Paul L.!   Honestly, I did not coach them on how to stand, I just asked to take their picture, then begged a little when they said I was ruining their fun moment together…. then they agreed and look how they posed identically!  Left arm over right, lean a little!   🙂   I really like this picture!  Two wonderful men.

There is only one thing that can gather young women like this……… if you look by my daughters left shoulder you will see a little newborn hand!   Our good friends brought their newborn baby girl and she was adored by all.

Did I mention that it rained in the middle of the party?  Here in Door County the storms come up quick and can be violent.  We went from sunshine to dark clouds within a few minutes and thankfully it rained for just a few moments.

Porch crowd having fun while it rained.

This is the kind of friends that we have…. they grab extra plastic tablecloths and make tents ( those VERY tall nephews of mine came in real handy for this) and visit under the covering.  My mother commented that she got to meet some nice people while she waited out the rain under one of these canopies!

                                                                                                                                               The baby.

After the rain left we served more folks and then gathered to pray over these beautiful girls.  Karen shared and Rick shared ( and humored us) and then we asked others to join us in prayer over our daughters Gretel, Annie and their friend Karee.  It was a beautiful and solemn time of lifting them up to the Lord and asking for their well being in the years to come.  Awesome!

No Johnson party is complete without gathering in the living room to laugh and visit and sometimes, as there was this night, a couple rounds of mafia.  Beautiful young people, beautiful joy as we celebrated together God’s goodness on our family.

Blessed to see God lead in our Annie’s life, blessed to know He cares for all of our children as well as every one pictured in these pictures.  We serve a loving, caring, faithful God.


Zipporah and a Little Lamb   Leave a comment

It was Bible character day for Melody’s on-line class and she wanted to dress Jazmin up as  little lamb, so she had to be a shepherdess.  Melody knew the story of Moses coming into a new town and seeing some sisters all watering their sheep at the well and ends up marrying one of them.

We covered Jazmin’s jacket with cotton balls and she was a little bewildered by it, and it was hard for her to play the part.  She sees herself as guard dog, ferocious, unyielding to any threatening situation which comes her way…… so unlike a meek and gentle lamb.   It lasted long enough for Melody’s classmates to see her and Jazmin on their computer screens, a form a skyping that the school uses.   Melody enjoyed dressing up and it was quite fun to see what her classmates wore, there was even a John the Baptist in camel hair!

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All your children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the PEACE of your children —  Isaiah 54:13

This is one of my top 100 favorite verses 🙂    It is truth and is the core of why I will give my time to teaching my children about God, His Holy Word, His truths and His love.   I do this for their peace!  I thrive on teaching my children God’s Word and the principles on which we can make all of our decisions.  The joy that we can find in the pages of His Word when God writes His promises to us and speaks of His great love for us.   These things bring us peace!  We live life in the thick of it as do most folks, we need a source of peace.  Yesterday our daughter Jeni, who works as a nanny to two little girls 7 and 2.5 years old, called with such concerns for these two precious girls.  It is a horrific situation for these sisters, fathered by different men in two short marriages and so they are bounced between the homes of their fathers and the latest relationship of their mother.  There is no God-factor………..  EXCEPT that God has placed Jeni there and she brings the Holy Spirit and God’s love and wisdom to this family.  This is Jeni’s mission field and it is a hard one.  Think about it —  there are language barriers, as in this mother not understanding God’s love, salvation, grace, sin, order, purity, morality…. these are foreign words to her.  There are “cultural” differences —  This woman is a wealthy, professional, liberal feminist.  That is a culture unto itself and if any of you work with or love someone like that you will understand what I am saying.   Jeni is not of this culture but God keeps putting her into it!   I think you get what I am saying.  Hopefully we can all sit and think about the mission field that God has us in RIGHT NOW!  There is no need to go to foreign lands to be a missionary if you take God’s Word seriously because it is here, on American soil and the work is hard.    The beauty of yesterday was hearing Jeni sob as she described the situation she was dealing with and in her sobbing all I could hear was LOVE!  How rich to be in people’s lives and be filled with God-deposited love.   Pray for Jeni to have wisdom and grace, and for all of us to minister with these same fruits of the Spirit with those in our sphere of influence.

Here is our beautiful Annie doing school.  As I look closely I am  a little perplexed at why she has TWO phones and my wallet with her at the desk.  It looks to me like she is more on a social/shopping spree than schoolwork!  Notice the geometry book on her head……  that is one way of applying geometry to the brain!  HA HA    In all actuality it is just a cluttered desk……. typical of school areas in our house!  🙂

The leaves are a turning and it is starting to look so beautiful!   I enjoy the fall season so much; the cooler weather, lighting candles, the trees changing, football, the girls and our home resuming  sense of order and of course the hope of the fishing season doing well and then ending which gives us a much needed break!  It has been a long seven months without breaks (except for my quick trip to Tenn.).

Yesterday we did a full day of school, enjoying every moment.  Mid-afternoon I took the girls up to our cottage and we became Team Johnson and did a cleaning there to prepare it for renters coming in the next week.  They are my most excellent help as they go to their jobs and when they are finished they come to me and ask what to do next.  They saved me three hours of work and I am so relieved that all I have to do is go wash the floors and it is finished!  We returned to the house to finish school and clean up for supper.

The girls went to a friend’s house to watch a movie and I had great plans to get some little jobs done after supper, but, by the time I have made a phone call and cleaned up the dishes I was too tired!  I sat down by Rick to do some computer work and clean up some things on the computer and noticed that he was already asleep.  We had been up late the night before watching the Packer/Bear game which turned into a nightmare!   I was so glad that Pastor Doug and Twila did not come for supper and the game as they may not have been able to handle the emotion with which my family watches the Packers.  The guests who were here understood and joined in appropriately!   We watched the game with cell phones charged and ready for texting commentary on the game’s action to other family members…..  what fun!   I started the game by telling the guys that I had a little spot in my heart that was tender toward the Bears because, after all, it is Jason’s team and I love my son-in-law!    IF LOOKS COULD KILL!   How quickly that spot disappeared from my heart as my allegiance to my husband and HIS team replaced any compassion for the Bears!   Sorry Jason!    What a game, what tension!   I was trying to knit and my stitches were getting tighter and tighter as the game progressed.  It was not good in the end as Green Bay made so many bad mistakes and gave the game away.  Poor Rick, he could not get to sleep he was so wound up about it!  I had no problem as I, the sane one, always end the game by reminding the family that this game really has nothing to do with our lives and does not affect what tomorrow will be like in any way!  They all look at me like I am speaking Chinese but it has only been 29 years of saying this and I am sure that any year now they are going to catch on!   🙂

Off to start the day with Bible, study Shakespeare, Greek and Latin roots, geometry and algebra, writing and literature.  Throw in some picking plums and canning them, laundry and cooking meals, cleaning and music lessons and I think I can safely say that our girls will have a well rounded education today!

Blessed, just because….


Melody has enjoyed painting recently and has enjoyed being outside while working. A little friend watched and also enjoyed playing with puzzles.   Leave a comment

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I have a new man in my life!!!!! Actually I am not sure it is a man because some of the anatomies are missing, much to the delight of some of our daughters. The girls said that they are afraid to come back to this end of the house with this hanging here. I responded by saying that if I had known that was all it would take, I would have hung him here long ago!!! Melody is learning all the parts of the body and their purposes and Annie is in biology so he comes in handy!   Leave a comment

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Kristi’s art, beautiful frame transformed into art. Kristi studying in bed with her coat on, her kefir drink and her faithful dog Jazmin.   Leave a comment

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