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Although the deer have consumed most of our garden this year, they have left alone the cucumbers.  This is one of our favorite recipes for pickles, and they can even be frozen for winter enjoyment.  Yum!

Aunt Shirley’s Refrigerator Pickles


I large onion

1/4 cup salt

3 cups sugar and 2 cups white vinegar

1/2 tsp. alum ( optional )

Slice enough cucumbers to fill an ice cream pail or 4qt. container.  My friend Ruby used to run the tines of the fork down the cucumbers to make them look fancy and sometimes I do that.

Slice one large onion into thin slices.

Layer cucumbers and onions into pail and cover with a sprinkling of salt over each layer.  Cover with very cold water.  I like to throw in some ice cubes to make sure it is really cold.  Put aside to soak for 4 hours.

Combine sugar and vinegar in pan and stir will while bringing it to a boil.  When sugar is completely dissolved turn off the heat and let is cool completely.

After 4 hours, strain the cucumbers and rinse to make sure they are not too salty.

Pack cucumbers and onions into jars.  This is a great time to use recycled jars in fancy shapes.  Let sit overnight in the fridge and then enjoy.  They do not last long in our fridge as they are great alongside supper and in sandwiches as well.

You can freeze them in jars as long as there is plenty of head space left in the jar for expansion.



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