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Eating sushi for the first time at our delicious Japanese meal with Andrew and Lydia.

Cooking at church for the Thanksgiving dinner — everything is more fun when we work together.

Sushi — Japanese style

Just another awesome Packer party

My sweet husband is always happy when his children are home — his smile says it all!

Three funny girls on the couch — Rick enjoys his girls being home but he does have to put up with lots of extra noise!

Lovely Annie


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Twenty years ago I went to my last Packer’s game, and then as our children got older I was replaced by them and learned to enjoy staying home to watch the game. It wasn’t like I attended every game, just one a year, but I missed going. So imagine my surprise when Rick invited me to go with him to the Rams game along with Annie and Melody. My first thought was that a flu must have wiped out everyone in the family and I was the only one left so they had to ask me! Not so, my husband just wanted to make me happy!   Leave a comment

When Rick invited me to go to the game it was like we were going on a date…..   you know, the kind of date where you take the children and 70,000 other folks…  It doesn’t matter to me, I just love being with him…. and the other blondes  🙂

Here are the other blondes.  It was a wild day at Lambeau, the wind was blowing at least 40 miles an hour so our hair was whipping around because we forgot clips or bands.  Not Rick’s hair of course as he crammed a Cummins hat on his head and that took care of that!

Things had changed since the last time I was at a game starting with the parking.  We parked not too far from the stadium on a family’s yard!  As we walked toward the stadium I noticed that this parking enterprise consumed the neighborhood and everyone had their signs out and every inch of lawn was covered with vehicles.  Some folks had speakers ( nice loud ones I might add) playing music and the party feel was in the air.  I was taking it all in when Annie gave me the warning that her father, my beloved, does not allow for strolling and that the walk to the stadium was to be done at a fast pace with all of us following behind in single file behind Rick.  I quickly shaped up and picked up my stride, good thing my pace is fast normally. 🙂

We walked into the stadium and I was immediately awed by all the changes they had made in the two decades since I had been to a game.  The sky boxes all around the edge gave the feeling of being in a coliseum and I had forgotten the sound of the excitement and the feeling of energy that is there at the game.  We followed our fearless leader closely, just as we had all the way through the masses and into our seats.  What fun!

As we stood for the national anthem my family pointed me to look right above the scoreboard, maybe 30 rows behind us, and I heard the man behind me comment that THEY ARE COMING! Within a second four or five air force jets went flying over us, so close that I could completely see the underside of the plane with every detail.  The sound reverberated around Lambeau and my heart pounded from the noise…… SO COOL!

So the game started, we cheered and yelled and high-fived with all around us.  I made friends with the ladies to my right and exchanged emails due to their interest in booking a cabin in Door County next year….  hey, a little business amidst the fun is not a bad thing!  The farmer and his son-in-law in front of me were friendly, more so as the beers went down.  I am a friendly person myself, although not so much with men, but my trying to remember how to draw the line with beer-drinking good ole’ boys got me a stern talking to from my husband at the half time.  I guess a few high fives and a couple responses to them was not pr0per conduct.  🙂    I got to practice being a snob the second half  🙂

Rick took us down for snacks and drinks just before the half and the girls and I made history!  Rick and I went off to the bathrooms, another huge change they have made as these were nice, and then we went to order snacks.  Although not too busy we did have to wait in line.  We ordered and then Annie went to another stand to get a juice as she does not drink soda.  We got our things and started to munch when I noticed Rick pacing…. and looking at the screen and pacing some more.  He looked at me and asked if I could make it back to the seats without him so he could get back into the game.  My blank look told him enough!   I could not remember which hall we came out of and he wanted me to find my way back!!!!!   he clearly forgot it had been 20 — yes TWENTY years since I had been there!   We waited a few more minutes, probably 10 minutes in all from the time we had left our seats, maybe 15, when Rick turned to me and stated emphatically, “This is the longest snack and potty break in the history of our family!”  I just about cracked up, really!!!   I wanted to remind him that in the winter when they all come in snowmobile suits which have to be removed to go to the bathroom ( at least the girls!) it MUST take longer then we had just taken.  But, I didn’t say anything, just smiled at my sweetheart and grabbed Annie to head back in.  I do love making history!

So much fun, being with our precious daughters,  history was made 🙂 , I got to practice being anti-social and the Packers won!

It was a good day,









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Super-Bowl — Super Fun, That’s because — Green Bay won!   1 comment

These are the pictures from our party at church.  I grabbed Kristi’s camera since I could not find mine!   I do not know her’s very well so I am sorry for the blur —

This was how Pastor set up his TV so we all could see.  Worked perfectly!

Gretel and Annie shared a bean bag chair all night, and didn’t even fight about it,  so precious!

My friend and I were two of the knitters who brought projects along to help ease the tension of the game.  Some had games they were doing and some paced…..  I was happy to get quite a few inches done on this shawl I am doing for around the house.  I am always cold, even with the wood stove so a shawl helps me stay warm during school.

This is Annie’s face when she found out Jordie Nelson was married!   Shields and Arron are still available we have heard!

This is Rick and his friend Zach,  they both are big fans.  They are both Scandinavian which explains the tense stance that they maintained through most of the game!

Tense last minutes of the game….

This was the celebration at the end of the game.  They danced in circles in total happiness!

Dancing turned to intense texting as the girls had to contact all their siblings who were not with us for the game!  It is a good thing they can text fast!

Karen and Gretel…..

Johnson girls —  all in shades of green for the game.  Kristi loaned me her beads so I would fit in as I do not have any Packer clothing.  Maybe next year I will invest in the proper attire.

Crazy girls —  good friends

This sums it all up —   we came, we ate (because we are Baptist and love to do potluck), we cheered, we ranted, we discussed plays, we called Rick over to our side of the gym to ask questions and clarify penalties, and in the end……..  WE WON!    what fun!

Of course, it did not end there.  People started to take down the TV immediately, forgetting that there was the presentation of the trophy.  Rick rounded up we Johnson girls and said we were heading out pronto!  Easier said then done, we had coats and food, knitting and chairs……  but Rick was determined and nothing stops a determined Scandinavian and within moments we were heading out the door.  Folks were laughing as they watched and tried to get themselves out the door just as quickly.  I was the last one out and as I waved goodbye I said that it was almost like Rick thought the rapture was coming and we had to be home to be taken!

We headed out in two cars, Rick following Kristi.  He was on her tail like a wild man and she got a lesson in driving ahead of a crazed driver!   Both cars slid into the driveway and we almost hit Kristi’s bumper in the hurry.  Fortunately we made it in time for seeing the trophy exchange.  Karen and Gretel came in to watch with us and we sat and listened to interviews and the commentary on the game.  It was quite wonderful to hear over and over again, comments made about the character of the Green Bay packer team, the unity of the guys on and off the field.  I had to admit I felt proud that these men are the team we cheer for.   Character is something we speak of often in our home and our children know that reputations and actions are very important to their father and I.   Rick and I are so glad that their are no scandalous players, rogue men who do not represent this mid-western area.   It was also wonderful to hear different players give glory to the Lord for their ability to play, pointing the praise to where it belongs.

I was shocked to see what time it was and so at 10:30 I headed to bed…..  no one followed my sane example.   Rick woke at five and I got up to make coffee shortly after.  I asked him what time he went to bed and he said around mid-night.  Then, he couldn’t calm down enough to get to sleep, that crazy Cheese-head!    I did some computer work and did some loads of laundry and by eight realized that the girls had stayed up late as well as not a sound was heard from their room.  They made it up and Gretel was dropped off to stay with us a few days.  We started school and things got into a routine.

The Packers are holding a party at Lambeau with an entry fee of $5.  Rick and I looked into getting tickets…… then I checked the weather and saw that the temps for 4:00 tomorrow are – 15,  yes, NEGATIVE FIFTEEN.  I enjoy the Packers BUT, I will not brave weather like that………  sorry Pack, I check the weather before packer events and I go to bed early the night of the Super Bowl, that’s the kind of a fan I am!  Loyal………  with limits!!!

The football season is done for the year……….  just in time for NASCAR!   Call us rednecks, we won’t care, these are our two sports that we enjoy —

Loving the Wisconsin way of life — especially with the trophy back in Titletown!


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Melody and friends.  It is so nice to have Bailey and Jazmin being friends………  finally!

Packer championship game….  celebrating Johnson style!

Johnson family, minus Jason, after the baptism.

Matthew getting some of his infamous sister love —


After the party at church we moved the party to our house, only problem was that Rick had left before us and took the suburban.  We did the Gills Rock squash and put eight in our little car and drove the three miles home!

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Lately…..   1 comment

I asked Rick if I could get a picture of him  and his girls before they left for the Packer/Bear game

This is how he posed!!!!


He then turned around and hugged his girls.

I do not know who was more excited about going to the game, him or his daughters.

I am thankful for a husband and for daughters that enjoy doing things together.


The ONLY thing I asked of them was that they get a picture of them together in the stadium.  I even suggested that they do it right away when they get there so they don’t forget!!!!!

They forgot!

Rick made the mistake of telling the girls that I will get over it and survive…..

I am not sure I will……..

At least the game was exciting and the Packers won!

I called Jeni to see how their marriage was fairing during the game…

She said they were on opposite ends of the couch…..

Bummer,  don’t they know it’s more cozy in the middle!    🙂

Even if it is a Bears game!


We received a Christmas gift last week that was a surprise for us

Dad and Mom had recorded themselves reading the Christmas Story for us…

My eyes teared to hear my sweet Father’s voice speaking and then my Mothers’ as well.

My Father ended the reading with giving our children a sweet challenge to share the Gospel

He never wastes a moment to share his heart and the children enjoyed it so much

The first comment after the last page was read, was that we need to make sure that this won’t be erased and that the voices will be preserved.

Precious,  sooooo   precious!

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Christmas Weekend 2010   Leave a comment

Christmas Eve morning we had the delight of a visit from Anna Hybert Wilson, a dear family friend.

What a beautiful group of godly women.  I am blessed!

Friday morning the girls all went for coffee with Anna while I did some last minute arranging in the office, which had become our wrapping station and gift hiding area.  It was a bomb and Matthew was to sleep in there.  That room is hard enough to keep clean as it is our library and sewing/craft room as well.  I dot if functional for Matthew and he did just fine.

We spent the afternoon visiting and practicing for the Christmas Eve service, making potatoes for supper and enjoying folks stopping for last minute gift exchanges.  Rick and the girls had delivered over 20 packages to friends but there are always a few left for Christmas Eve day.  So much love, so many hugs, such richness!

We headed to Christmas Eve service at 3:30 which is much earlier than our traditional 7:00 service.  No naps this year to help relax before the big night!  THe service was lovely and the candlelight added a special glow to the sanctuary.   Lovely worship of our King filled the place and brought much joy.  It was a good thing that the Johnsons were separated around the church as there was only one incident with the candles.  I thought I would have to use my mike and call out a certain young man for blowing out other’s candles, but I didn’t!  Johnsons cannot handle candles without causing trouble, I think they get that from their father!   🙂

We spent the evening at Rick’s parent’s home having dinner with the traditional pickled fish and potato sausage.  We opened gifts and visited before heading home where we popped in a Christian comedy DVD and laughed our heads off.  Great way to ease the tension of a busy evening.   Rick and I headed to bed before the kids every night and we could tell by the morning faces that they enjoyed sating up later than usual and being together.

Christmas morning was relaxing and fun.  We gave the kids nerf guns in their stockings and they had lots of fun attacking each other and shooting each other “in love!”   What fun!   We had breakfast of fruit and Scandinavian coffee cake, pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon and sausage with Seaquist apple cider and coffee.  It was relaxing and enjoyable to have our table full of our precious children and see them enjoying each other.

We moved to the livingroom for present time and it was so much fun to watch the children giving each other gifts and the happiness they brought to each other.  Rick and I are so thankful to have children who are blessed by the gift, not the worth of it or the amount of them, but just the gift.  Gratefulness is a beautiful thing!

Earlier in December, Rick and I had discussed the plans for Christmas Day and Rick brought up the time when we went caroling on Christmas Eve at the cancer ward at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.   My family always served others at Christmas and so this was a Clark family tradition.  Rick wanted to do something like that with out children so we decided to go to the Retirement home and sing for Rick’s Aunt Ruth, and then to visit three home of elderly folks who are shut-in at home and can’t get to church or out to see others.

Johnson’s with Aunt Ruth at Scand

Aunt Ruth was so much fun as she told us stories and tried to steal Annie’s purse and then asked Rick to bring Joyce next time he comes!   Sadly, she is losing her memory in some ways, while remembering specific things in other areas.  Her sparkly eyes are so sweet and she appreciated the singing and sang along with us as well.

On the way to Sister Bay I browsed through the hymnal picking out songs and we practiced them as we drove along.  I said that I did not want to sing O Little Town of Bethlehem because the song is just not melodic to my ears and it has always been my least favorite.  Guess which song EVERYONE asked to sing?   You are right,  O Little Town of Bethlehem!    Doesn’t God have a sense of humor!

Great Grandma Wickman

Here we are at Great Grandma Wickman’s home.  This is Rick’s grandma and she is 96 years old, completely blind but able to live at home still with her son helping her.  She has the sweetest heart and faith, never complains and is grateful.  It was so sweet to bless her day as well, although in many ways she blessed me more.  She knows what it most important in life, our faith, and expressed that to the children.


Annie and Mandy rode in Mandy’s car while we piled in the suburban for driving around.  Melody took command of the back seat!

After caroling we headed home for a turkey and Swedish meatball dinner.  Visitors stopped in for coffee and we added chairs around the table and had a wonderful time.


One of our visitors was little Andrew, grandson of Jeff and Betty.  He loves blondes and at seven weeks knows how to do the big eyes and grin to make the girls go crazy!  So cute!

Nerf ambushes, relaxing, fellowship, sweet times.   Christmas day was wonderful.

Sunday morning was the usual rush even though we did not have to be to church until 10:00 due to no Sunday School.  So many beautiful heads of hair to have styled!   The worship was good, Pastor preached on the pillars of Christmas that we must believe in as in the virgin birth of Jesus, while explaining that some concepts of Christmas are not Truth based as in the Immaculate conception.  That is a term I have heard but not understood completely and I was so glad that he explained it to us.  Pastor knows the scriptures through and through as he is a scholar in Hebrew and Greek.  There is no scripture anywhere in the infallible Word of God that says that Mary was without sin.  So glad to know that  because I want my God to stand alone without a human counter-part.  Would that not wreck the Trinity and so many teachings of the Word if it were to be true?  So thankful that the Scriptures are iron-clad in Truth and complete, not needing any human add-ons!   God is good.

We closed the service with Twila and I playing the Hallelujah Chorus!   What powerful words to glorify our God.  Folks had tears running down their faces as they worshipped along with the music.  God’s glory is timeless.

Made it home to watch the Bears game, well some watched it while I made our lunch.  I was proud of Rick and Jason, each passionate about their teams but Rick was a gentleman and did not become too vocal in cheering against the Bears, who’s loss would benefit the Packers!  My man had self-control!   The Packer game was next and went well.  Matthew and Jason headed out on snowmobiles during part of the game and had a great time.   Although those sleds can top 100 mph, Jason said he kept it to around 70,  and I THANK YOU Jason for doing that!

Here are the guys just back from their first ride.  They had so much fun!  To clear things up, the Ski-doo is not ours but a good friends, Ski-doos are the subject of much trash-talking in our home and we would not want anyone to think we had stooped to buying one of them!


Jason had so much fun that he wanted Jeni to go out with him on the sled.  He came in the house, went into the livingroom and over to Annie, calling her Jeni and asking her to go our for a ride on the snowmobile!

Obviously Annie got a big kick out of this.  I did not get a picture of Jeni’s reaction, but she did NOT get a big kick out of her little sister confusing her husband!

The funny thing is that I had just been in the living room and had looked straight at Annie and called her Jeni while asking her a question,  and I am their Mother for crying out loud!  They were both in Packer jerseys which made them more similar than usual.

Jeni declined the offer and Jason went out again and had a blast.


Watching the game together, lots of fun, especially when the Packers win like they did.

The only bummer of the weekend was that Mandy had to leave early to be at work.  She left mid-afternoon to get back to Appleton.  She was missed but it was a treat to get to be with her all day Saturday.  She got in late Friday night so it was great to see her for two nights.  She is a busy lady with her new position and

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This was a week ago Sunday afternoon, the Packer game was on and as usual our living room was at the patriotic temp. of 60, remember how we were told years ago to put our thermostats down to 60 to save on energy?   We are very patriotic that way and so you will find an unusual amount of quilts and afghans in this are of the house!   For some reason, we were short an afghan and so these two were attempting to share one together.  Notice the mischievous smile on the face of one of them?  That is the smile before the storm!

Now who has the whole blanket?  Kristi’s look is a fair warning that the “challenge” has been spoken!

I am not sure who won the battle, as you can observe below the blanket was being shared in a very aggressive way, and poor Jazmin looks very tense about the whole situation.   All in fun and was quite the entertainment for our guest!

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