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Twenty years ago I went to my last Packer’s game, and then as our children got older I was replaced by them and learned to enjoy staying home to watch the game. It wasn’t like I attended every game, just one a year, but I missed going. So imagine my surprise when Rick invited me to go with him to the Rams game along with Annie and Melody. My first thought was that a flu must have wiped out everyone in the family and I was the only one left so they had to ask me! Not so, my husband just wanted to make me happy!   Leave a comment

When Rick invited me to go to the game it was like we were going on a date…..   you know, the kind of date where you take the children and 70,000 other folks…  It doesn’t matter to me, I just love being with him…. and the other blondes  🙂

Here are the other blondes.  It was a wild day at Lambeau, the wind was blowing at least 40 miles an hour so our hair was whipping around because we forgot clips or bands.  Not Rick’s hair of course as he crammed a Cummins hat on his head and that took care of that!

Things had changed since the last time I was at a game starting with the parking.  We parked not too far from the stadium on a family’s yard!  As we walked toward the stadium I noticed that this parking enterprise consumed the neighborhood and everyone had their signs out and every inch of lawn was covered with vehicles.  Some folks had speakers ( nice loud ones I might add) playing music and the party feel was in the air.  I was taking it all in when Annie gave me the warning that her father, my beloved, does not allow for strolling and that the walk to the stadium was to be done at a fast pace with all of us following behind in single file behind Rick.  I quickly shaped up and picked up my stride, good thing my pace is fast normally. 🙂

We walked into the stadium and I was immediately awed by all the changes they had made in the two decades since I had been to a game.  The sky boxes all around the edge gave the feeling of being in a coliseum and I had forgotten the sound of the excitement and the feeling of energy that is there at the game.  We followed our fearless leader closely, just as we had all the way through the masses and into our seats.  What fun!

As we stood for the national anthem my family pointed me to look right above the scoreboard, maybe 30 rows behind us, and I heard the man behind me comment that THEY ARE COMING! Within a second four or five air force jets went flying over us, so close that I could completely see the underside of the plane with every detail.  The sound reverberated around Lambeau and my heart pounded from the noise…… SO COOL!

So the game started, we cheered and yelled and high-fived with all around us.  I made friends with the ladies to my right and exchanged emails due to their interest in booking a cabin in Door County next year….  hey, a little business amidst the fun is not a bad thing!  The farmer and his son-in-law in front of me were friendly, more so as the beers went down.  I am a friendly person myself, although not so much with men, but my trying to remember how to draw the line with beer-drinking good ole’ boys got me a stern talking to from my husband at the half time.  I guess a few high fives and a couple responses to them was not pr0per conduct.  🙂    I got to practice being a snob the second half  🙂

Rick took us down for snacks and drinks just before the half and the girls and I made history!  Rick and I went off to the bathrooms, another huge change they have made as these were nice, and then we went to order snacks.  Although not too busy we did have to wait in line.  We ordered and then Annie went to another stand to get a juice as she does not drink soda.  We got our things and started to munch when I noticed Rick pacing…. and looking at the screen and pacing some more.  He looked at me and asked if I could make it back to the seats without him so he could get back into the game.  My blank look told him enough!   I could not remember which hall we came out of and he wanted me to find my way back!!!!!   he clearly forgot it had been 20 — yes TWENTY years since I had been there!   We waited a few more minutes, probably 10 minutes in all from the time we had left our seats, maybe 15, when Rick turned to me and stated emphatically, “This is the longest snack and potty break in the history of our family!”  I just about cracked up, really!!!   I wanted to remind him that in the winter when they all come in snowmobile suits which have to be removed to go to the bathroom ( at least the girls!) it MUST take longer then we had just taken.  But, I didn’t say anything, just smiled at my sweetheart and grabbed Annie to head back in.  I do love making history!

So much fun, being with our precious daughters,  history was made 🙂 , I got to practice being anti-social and the Packers won!

It was a good day,









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Strange Days, Beautiful Moments   Leave a comment

We had such a wonderful weekend with all of our children around us, maybe that is why the last two days have been a little shocking to us!   On Sunday. Annie was picked up in Milwaukee by the Orrick family so that she could go with them to the Wisconsin Dells for a couple days of fun.  Kristi moved into the Orrick’s house on Sunday night as she had agreed to house-sit for them.  Melody joined her Sunday night so that she did not have to be in the house alone the first night, and Melody is wonderful with dogs so she helped with that chore.

That left Rick and I ALONE……. in our own home…….. for possibly the first time ever!   It was a little weird…..  much too quiet, freaked the dog out so that she would not leave our side.   Not normal.  Rick always says that he can’t wait for the time that all my attention will be on him ALONE, (not that he is lacking in attention now!)  but, sitting there together in the living room, alone…….  well, it did not feel comfortable.  We enjoyed it for the night but went and retrieved Melody to be with us for the next day and over night.  We have since told all of them that they have to be home by 3 today, we cannot bear to be without them any longer!   That season will come soon enough, let’s not experience it before it’s time.  🙂

Kristi was so funny on Sunday night as she left the house with Melody to head over to the Orrick’s home.  She called out just before she shut the door, ” Now keep it G rated here while we are gone!”   Silly girl, we are in love, we are married so we have God’s blessing…… it is ALL G rated.    Now that is one thing we will NOT miss someday!

While I am on the subject of being alone…..

Yesterday Rick and I needed to be in Green Bay for an appointment.  We went alone as Melody stayed with Kristi.  After the appointment I needed to stop at Hobby Lobby, my favorite craft store that is run by Christians and honors the Sabbath.  Rick, obviously, was not interested in stepping one foot inside a craft store, (it might blow his manly man image  🙂  ) so he went to do manly thing like getting the oil changed while I was shopping.  To tell the truth, I am really not a shopper.  I knew what I was going in the store to purchase, I had my list and within 15 minutes I was out.  I called Rick because I did not see our car in the parking lot, and I made sure I had looked well as there are lots of small black cars out there these days!   He’s said he was just getting in for the work to be done so it would be a bit before he would come and get me.

Wow, a few minutes……  I was immediately wowed by the fact I had a few minutes with absolutely nothing that I had to do or could accomplish (being away from home and all! ).  I stood there and completely enjoyed the moment.  I watched people busily going in and out of Hobby Lobby, and might I mention a few men, and they did not look less manly when they came out I might add!   I listened to the sounds of the city, watched a women with six children and one very large dog pile out of a small mini-van, dog running loose to the shrieks of the children.  I watched this woman get the dog under control and designate who would be staying with the van to watch the dog and then meander her way with four young ones in tow across the parking lot and into the store.   That was me, minus the dog, not so long ago.  I watched the sky darken and the the bright moon start to show itself.  And best of all I got a chance to pray, to thank the Lord for my family, for time with my sweet husband, to intercede on other’s behalf and for the women with all her children and the dog, for her strength and ability to love her children well.  The cool air the the gentle mist falling from the sky in the middle of this big city was beautiful in such a different way for this country loving girl.  As I stood on the sidewalk waiting, God met me there, right there in front of Hobby Lobby.  He gave me a moment and I took it!

Blessed to be with Him, wherever I am,


How does a child thank their parents for the gift of a faithful marriage 50 years long? How do we give enough praise with earthly words that can even begin to express our gratitude for giving us security in our home, for modeling grace, perseverance, obedience to God and the joy of being a family committed to God’s way? How do we tell you how much we are delighted with a Dad who always flirted with our mother and a mom who showed us what submitting to husband looks like? The bottom line is that we can’t, but, we CAN follow in your footsteps using our homes for the glory of the Lord and allowing God to show His faithfulness in our lives as we live out the years God gives to each of our marriages. You have set the standard high and raised the bar, thank you for leading the way! We LOVE you!   Leave a comment

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Walking among the dead!   Leave a comment

Today has been a very different day than I had planned.  It must have started last Wednesday when our church families all gathered for a dinner and valentine making craft time.  We had a wonderful time and Rick even joined in with making some valentines as well!   We left having had lots of fun and laughter.

But…… someone brought a bug to the dinner and our family got hit yesterday with Melly getting sick in the morning.  I did not recognize it as the flu because she seemed just fine despite some rather bad moments.   So, I sent Annie off to her good friends 16th birthday party.  After supper Kristi started being sick.    That’s when I started to wonder what was going on. I went to bed with two on the couches adn  I woke to my cell-phone playing Toby Mac early this morning.  It was Annie calling from the sleep over saying she  was sick.  I stumbled out of bed realizing that Rick’s side was empty.   I found him out by the fire sleeping on a very small couch and not feeling well at all.   I started praising the Lord that I was fine as I drove off in the dark to pick up Annie.

I got home in time to stop Rick, who had dressed, and thought he was going to go driving over 2 hours away to pick up a part for his race car.   “Oh no no” I said to him, and when he listened I knew that man was not feeling well at all!!!    🙂

So I have been spending the day doing laundry, baking, working on taxes but mostly serving water, tea, Sprite and crackers to my people here.   None of them want the tea and by 2 o’clock they were starting to ask for fried chicken (which I NEVER make) or basil pasta…. things that they could in no way have after being so sick.  My sister Laurel called who is a nurse and I ran those past her and she confirmed my decision much to my daughter’s dismay.

I have continued with the dry food but I try to make it pretty.  I always like to serve them on antique plates and very antique china cups from Germany.   I want them to feel special even though they feel so miserable.   Actually it has been quite nice as I confiscated the TV remote and actually watched a Hallmark movie while I knitted next to them in the living room.   I flipped to the Olympics now and then and due to their being so sick they hardly complained.     Usually I get called bad names like “remote-contol amateur” as I do not have the 450 channels memorized and sometimes forget how to get back to the last channel viewed.

Well, I got them last week.   I changed the password and locked down the setting to PG with blocks even then.  Hey Hey Hey, let’s see who the amateur is now!   All of the sudden everyone needs their Mom!    I know my time is limited with this new found power.  I am married to a command man and he is not going to put up with his house improvement shows being blocked for much longer.  Enjoying it while I have it!!

Anyway…. back to the people laying all over the living room.

I did let Annie have a whole can of Sprite and just now I made some Macaroni and Cheese which is a huge treat in our house.  It is the only thing that sounded good to them.

Rick continues to hang out in our bedroom, on our couch, bundled in blankets, cooperating with what I offer him to take and drink.  Man!………….  he must be really sick!     “)

Caring for my family,


Some things can save marriages, this would be it for this house!!!! :) I put this in Rick’s stocking to show I care!!   Leave a comment

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Precious tools, these two pieces of canning equipment were purchased our first summer married when we canned together our first batch of grape juice. They are precious to me as they represent 28 years and thousands of jars of canning to help meet the needs of our family.   Leave a comment

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Celebrating an anniversary, 27 years of living love!   Leave a comment

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