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We had another family wedding recently, the third time for this family, and it was wonderful.
My sweet son, the child who made me a mother and taught me of the fierceness of love that my young (20) heart and mind could hardly comprehend and understand. I always look back at my first mothering with him in wonder that the God of the universe entrusted me with this precious life as I was young, but God gives best and so He gave us Matthew.

As a side note, my fishermen and I married when I was 19 (he was 23) after being told that I would probably never get pregnant and that we would be lucky if I ever did….. but God! We married May 23, 1981 after knowing each other for 10 months. On July 5, 1981 I took a pregnancy test and much to our surprise and great delight, we found out we were pregnant. Matthew David was born the following March.

Matthew was the happiest child, always smiling, creative, fun, musical, deep thinking and hard working. Matthew’s favorite time was when the whole family would be involved in something whether fun or work related, but doing it together. He always wanted a brother, but God gave him sisters and he has managed well as and older brother them!

A few years ago he brought home to visit a sweet young lady named Emily. Emily was familiar to our family because Mandy and Emily met in college and became good friends. I kid you not, on the day of their graduation, as I was taking a picture of Mandy and her friends, God spoke to my heart that this Emily would be Matthew’s girl! I instantly felt a great love for her. So, when he brought her north to visit quite a few years later it was the completion of that moment from their graduation. We loved Emily from the start!

It took our son some time to make a commitment to marrying Emily due to some health issues and his desire to make sure she was the one. And she was! So we gathered in Green Bay for their April wedding and rejoiced in God’s goodness and faithfulness to our family. The wedding was beautiful and meaningful with God’s Word being read and the precious vows of marriage being spoken. The reception was full of joy and great dancing! Emily and her family and friends have long practiced ball-room dancing and they were fun to watch! I told my fisherman that if we start practicing now, we may look that good by the time we have another family wedding!

We rejoice in all the good that the Lord has done and is doing in our family!   We are delighted to have Emily as our daughter and believe that she is exactly God’s best blessing as a wife for our son.

So blessed,




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