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Conversations with my 5 yr. old.

Sunday afternoon, and we are just relaxing and hanging out together.   I was making shapes for her to cut out as she now feels she has mastered the art of cutting and would like to use MY scissors —  good luck with that!   In the middle of cutting at the school table, 4 feet from me, she comes over to me real fast with that look of expectancy……  then she announces –

“Mommy, did you know that a few weeks ago, I can’t remember when, but Annie told me that now that I am 5, I can start to drink soda? Or, maybe it was Mountain Dew!”

Yes indeed, because Mountain Dew is on another level of soda in our home.  If the girls want an A&W Root Beer it is all good, but when they want a Mountain Dew I know they are wanting the buzz of caffeine and the late night that comes with it, and the talk will accelerate and the laughter will ensue!  Mountain Dew brings fun to the mix, every time!

Me- “Did she really say that?”  It just didn’t seem like something Annie would say–

EJ – “Yes mommy, she really, really did and I am not joking”

Me- “So, do you want a sip of soda? It is Sunday and the day we are most likely going to have that treat.”

EJ – “No, but I am thinking about it, now that I am 5!”


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For the last few months God has impressed upon me that it is time to blog again, to go back to recording our family history to share with our extended family, but also for the sake of putting into words the thoughts surrounding our life here on this earth.  Thoughts that have no pictures attached, just the convictions and encouragements that are place in my heart from God above.  He is so good, He is so gracious.

This time and season of needing to be still and focus on trusting God in ways that life demanded, so different than anything I have experienced in life so far, is lifting.  God has healed and restored and done beautiful things in my life.  As so often the case, a mother’s pain is the effect of another’s action, be it family or other close relationships,  and often is not her story to share but to be a burden bearer, a prayer warrior and the servant of Jesus as she walks with those she loves.   And in other times, pain is caused by a mother’s own mistakes, and I have made plenty, and I will continue to share that, freely,  so that my daughters and anyone else that reads this blog may learn.

     Psalm 98

He has made known His salvation

He has revealed His righteousness

He has remembered His steadfast love and faithfulness

All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God!

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