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Parenting is always an exciting adventure–

Some days it is more so than not, and I do mean that in the most positive way!

Today was one of those days–

A certain one of our daughters who has been loving on a friend for the last 6 months, helping her, encouraging her,

supporting her and praying for her.

Today this daughter who does not really care to see others in pain or talk about personal things, who does not like the sight of blood and would rather not be in a hospital if it can be avoided….

Today this daughter went to a 6 hour long birthing class.  To help this friend, to extend herself beyond her comfort zone to bless one who is very alone, who has some hard times coming down the road and will need a hand to help her over the bumps and to stay on the road safely.

All in the name of Jesus and for the sake of the Gospel —

This was an exciting day in parenting — And I am blessed to see a daughter sacrifice some of her life for the love of another —

p.s. — She texted me from the class saying that a woman was going on about how she birthed THREE children all naturally…….. and then Annie added, “Don’t worry. I am not impressed!”   HA HA — she was thinking of me, having birthed six children, two at home —  but she forgot that when I tell about my birth stories I always say that just when it was time to push our babies out I was ALWAYS asking my husband if I should take some drugs!  I guess you could say I was just one step away each time from un-natural births!  🙂  It’s all good!

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