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Yesterday was Melody’s birthday and we celebrated all day long —  We actually started the celebration on Tuesday with a trip to Green Bay and dinner with Uncle Randy.  We Johnsons love to celebrate and birthdays celebrations are often a week or more — seems kind of Biblical as God like to celebrate in weeks to!

Turning 15 is a big deal in our home and my husband allows the girls to wear make-up starting on this birthday.  So…. off to Appleton we went to go to the Clinique counter and have a make-up stylist do her make-up and purchase her skin-care routine.  Then, off to Sephora and Ulta to buy mascara and eyeshadows and some lip glosses.  Those stores blow my mind with all the different kinds of makeups and brands and assortment of fixes for all of our “facial problems”.  It was a bit overwhelming to see it all and I was heavily aware that the message being sent to us as women is that we are indeed not “perfect” and that we don’t need to worry, “they” have something to fix everything.

My problem with that message is that my husband and I see our girls as beautiful, delightfully so, completely so.  That is one of the reasons Rick does not want his girls wearing make-up until they are fifteen.  He wants them to be sure and confident of their beauty without make-up before they start the make-up routine.  Even when they start using cosmetics he wants them to remain natural looking and not heavily made-up —  easier said then done sometimes.  As we gift Melody we want to make sure that she understands once again that her real beauty is in how God created her and her allowing Him to give her beauty from the inside out.  Beautiful Spirit filled heart = beautiful joyful countenance.   Every growing, maturing, changing as God does His work in her, in each one of us!

I remember when our first daughter was about 10 and she was sitting at the table for mealtime when the sun crossed her face and I could see that she was wearing my foundation.  Being just a child it was streaked across her cheek and down her chin and I stood amazed that she had tried to apply make-up on at such a young age.  She was innocently exploring what she saw me do when I was going to town or church and wanted to see how that would look on her.  My amazement, unfortunately turned to anger and I told her to get a towel and wipe it all off of her face.  I was upset because my daughter, thinking she was adding to her beauty as she had seen me do, was to me marring her precious face, a face which to me did not need anything to  be more perfect.  Her long blond hair and big blue eyes, creamy white complexion and her sweet innocence did not need one bit of help to be more beautiful to my eyes and that is what stirred up such strong emotion in my heart.  I wish I would have handled it better but I reacted and did not take the time to use this experience to teach the deep lesson of beauty to one so tender.  She was my first experience with a daughter and God graciously allowed us four more!  These beautiful daughters amaze their father and I, over and over again, as they go through the teen years and into full womanhood and their beauty grows each year.  What a joy!

Make-up is fun and they all enjoy wearing it — but their natural beauty is most precious as it comes from their hearts!

So here we are with our baby — wearing make-up, and pre-paring to start drivers ed next — fifteen and fabulous!

Blessed to be a mother of daughters

Blessed to be married to a strong man who is a good father to his five daughters!





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  1. A lovely young woman, with or without makeup.

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