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It has been quite the week here in Gills Rock, and quite the week of faith.
Our son Matthew had a flare up with a terrible illness he is fighting.  It ended up making him lose a lot of weight and the become weak in his strength.  It is an awful thing to watch one’s precious son suffer, or child for that matter.  This bout has lasted three weeks and last Wednesday it became apparent that it was time for the family to step in and help.  Rick, Annie, Melody and I all sat in the living room and joined in prayer for Matthew as we asked God to intervene on his behalf.  The whole family hardly slept on Wednesday as we prayed through the night for Matthew’s health.  Thursday morning I made his favorite soup, ham and potato and put homemade apple sauce and other foods together and packed the girls all up and we headed out to Green Bay.  The timing was perfect as we were trying to make the drive in-between snow storms.  We came into the second storm about 30 minutes from Matthew’s home and had to drive slowly on the icy snow covered roads and saw cars in the ditch as we drove.  I was so glad to get there and again was thanking the Lord for our old suburban which hauls through this northern weather, and also that my husband did not listen to me when I thought we should trade it in when we bought the Ford Edge in Dec..  He was correct in saying that all-wheel-drive is no match to the suburban and that trip down and the last few days of driving have proved it!  It also has room for all of our stuff and the baby paraphernalia that come along with a 13 month old!
On Friday, Mandy came up from Appleton and Uncle Randy came over and we had a wonderful time visiting with Matthew and encouraging him and getting him to smile.  Mandy is always good for that!  We cooked food and cleaned up and just practiced “being-with” which was what Matthew needed most of all.  God really spoke to me a lesson about helping those who are alone — there is a real need to go and “be-with” single folks when they are hurting or suffering so that they are not alone during those times.  I realized last week that God is showing me another way to love and mentor the single folks that He has put in our lives.  No need to come with an agenda, just some simple food and my bag of knitting or books to read and then just sit there and “be-with”.  Matthew has lovingly expressed to us all that this blessed him most.
Friday night Emily, Matthew’s girlfriend, came up and since we were there she spent the night so we could have more time together.  She was a blessing and as always our time of sharing together was sweet and wonderful.
We spent Thurs. and Fri. there with him and then headed north on Saturday to get little miss S to her visit with her parents.  As we left that morning, we gathered around Matthew and I laid hands on him and prayed over him and as I did little Miss S reached out her little hand and put it on Matthew’s shoulder — so precious!   She is learning to pray!
While there, Annie was picked up, along with dear friends Jean and Heather as they headed out to Honduras to work in an orphanage there.  
I asked God to give me extra faith for this time as I was praying for Matthew’s well being and then Annie’s as well.  God is good and He gave me such a gift of faith and peace to go with it.  Isn’t He just wonderful?  He always, always, gives me more than I asked for!  🙂
We had a snow day last week and it was during the time when we had taken in a little boy who was abandoned.  He was three years old and such a precious little boy.  We are thankful that they found a family member to take him in and care for him as a safe family member is always better than foster care.  The other boy in the picture is also in foster care and lives with my good friend Heather.  We loved the snow and the fun and being snowbound for the day!
Visiting at Matthew’s house.    I have to cover little Miss S’s face to keep her identity hidden per foster care rules.
Annie and Heather heading out!
Back at home, I started working on taxes in the office.  Little Miss S loves to help but she has also discovered our terrier is a fun toy and as she is walking better all the time she is starting to track the poor dog down and grab at Jazmin — which does not make Jazmin happy!   I discovered that the gate makes them the best of friends!
Little Miss S baking Valentine’s Day cookies with Melody!
Every Valentine’s Day Rick buys all of his girls (who are not married) flowers.  Of course I get a beautiful bouquet of roses as well!  These were Kristi’s flowers .  He is such a sweetheart-   The apple did not fall far from the tree as Matthew sent a beautiful big bouquet of roses to Emily as well!  I made Rick steak and shrimp, baked potatoes, salad and garlic bread for supper as my treat to him.  he enjoyed it very much.  He had worked all day at construction and then went and plowed for four hours so he was tired and the warm meal made him so happy.
Today — I have already prayed for Matthew and Annie.  Matthew called last night and said that he is doing a bit better and we are so thankful.  Annie called and although she got sick on Wednesday, she is doing better.  She is having a wonderful time!   I will spend the better part of  today in the office working on taxes and getting accounts in line.  I also need to wrap up the music for Sunday, iron some shirts for my husband and when then baby naps, work on some drawing and water color art with Melody for school.  I also hope to get the Christmas tree down!  I KNOW, this is a record.  We went to take it down last week but the door to our outside metal barn, where we store the Christmas stuff, was totally iced shut and even Rick could not get it open..   Maybe today!  Rick just doesn’t want me lighting up the tree so the neighbors driving by see that the tree is still up!!   What a riot!
Faith — beautiful gift from God according to His Word — it is what keeps a mother’s heart from breaking, over and over again, as we cry out to our God to work on behalf of our children.  There are many things that I am asking God to give me faith for right now and I am thankful beyond words that I can trust Him during this time, knowing that in His perfect timing all will be accomplished.  He is loving, kind, and always GOOD!
Blessed with faith today!

The closing of 2012   Leave a comment

I can’t believe that it has been so long since I last posted.  Time does fly, whether you are having fun or not!  🙂  So much has happened and I will try to sum it up in this post. First off — God answered prayers in bringing in fish at the end of the season in Oct..  We are very grateful as the last year had been concerning.  It was wonderful to play catch-up on the bill pile and purchase much needed items for our home and business.  God is always faithful in His own timing and it is good to trust Him more and more.


Rick and I on lake superior after hike2012-11-09_13-34-54_5152012-11-09_16-33-16_133 

In November, after the season had settled down, Rick and I took the opportunity to get away for a few days and go to Lake Superior.  There is a fishery located there that Rick had not been to in years and since his friend John was working there for the fall season it was the perfect time to go visit.  As we drove into the northwoods my heart was delighted to see the rolling hills and tall pine trees of northern Wisconsin.  I was raised in these north woods on the western part of the state and I just love the look of those stately trees.  We stayed in a little town known for the fishing and had so much fun looking at old fish-boats and appreciating this industry that God has us being a part of for our living.   We stayed at a little condo on Lake Superior and it was just perfect.  I mostly loved just being with my husband, relaxing and enjoying hiking and being together.

We ate a couple meals at a local, and very busy restaurant that was unique in every way.  The food was excellent and I adored the ambiance, especially the colored lights draping all over the ceiling from one end to another.  My husband has a “thing” about lights and loves to shut them off while I, on the other hand, love to turn them on — especially pretty lights.  I thought Rick might have a hard time relaxing with all these lights shining all  over the ceiling (and all that electricity being wasted!) but he kept his eye on me and he managed to enjoy the meals without needing to go and unplug a string of lights here or there.  🙂





 A few days after Thanksgiving we received a call that every Foster Care family knows is a possibility.  This one was for us to get to the court house and take over the care of a precious little 10 month old.  Her name is Sunshine and she has rocked our world ( mostly our nights!) and delighted our days.  She came very sick and due to spending lots of time loving on her, I picked up all of her germs which laid me out for the last month  😦   She eventually got better and has since blossomed with lots of physical and emotional growth.  She has gained three pounds, cut four teeth, learned to walk, says a few words and has started the process of learning to attach, which is very important for her over-all well being in the future.  We, on the other hand, have learned to deal with toys all over the living room and the rearrangement of furniture to keep her blocked into certain areas to play, baby food and bottles on the counter in the kitchen, learning to keep on top of buying diapers and formula, keeping an eye at all times on this little life.  We have fallen in love with this little bundle and are again reminded how precious and vulnerable these little ones are.  We have prayed over her daily and rejoice in every good choice her parents make on this journey to reunification.



Christmas brought ALL of our children home, Kristi from Liberty, Matthew and his girlfriend Emily, Jeni and Jason from Oak Creek and Mandy from Appleton.  It was so wonderful to have them around the table and sleeping in every available bed space.  Precious to my mother’s heart and my husband’s as well.








 We also had our annual New Years Eve party which was so much fun and our pyromaniacs did a great job with the fireworks~ I will add more post soon pertaining to home-schooling and other aspects of our life-Blessed — over and over again  



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