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Zechariah 4:6

This is the Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel.  “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts.  Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain.  And he shall bring forward the top stone amid shouts of Grace, grace to it!”

I will be using this verse tonight in our study on prayer.  As I was looking at it and meditating on it I was struck by a phrase-  the Lord of hosts…. the LORD of HOSTS.  That phrase means the Lord ( our Lord) of hosts– many, many beings under the authority of one.   So, here is our Lord, envision Him with me surrounded by millions of angels, ministering, warrior ready angels.  They are all beside Him and behind Him for as far as the eye can see, pretty cool picture if you ask me!

But, His word is this — not by might (angels or my own might), not by power (angels or my own strength) but by My Spirit.  I am not suggesting that angels are useless and highly overrated forms of help to us, because God does use them in our lives probably more often than we even know.  But, what He is saying in this verse is that there are times and situations where it is completely by the POWER of the Holy Spirit that things get done, I would dare to say that it is ALWAYS by the power of the Holy Spirit and sometimes accompanied by the assistance of hosts!  But often in our daily lives it is relying on the Holy Spirit alone to empower us to do what we are called to do daily as daughters of God.  Power for integrity, patience, love, wisdom, a word for someone, an encouragement for another, to obey that specific calling that God has put in our hearts and on our lives ….. all from the Holy Spirit. We can try in our own strength and might but we will fail (been there, done that) because it is too hard.  Life is hard folks, in case you did not notice.  🙂  God is His love for us knew we could not do this on our own and gave us the Holy Spirit to rely on and to teach us, lead and guide us, to strengthen us and empower us.

We are told in Eph. to be filled with the Holy Spirit, in essence, ask every day for the filling of the Holy Spirit so that we are prepared for the day and all that God allows to pass through His hands.  When the day is closing and the last hour of labor is done we can look back on a Spirit filled day and say- Grace, grace to it.  What a beautiful response to a day of walking in the power of the Spirit.

And, at times, when the battle is huge and He sees us struggling and hears us calling out to Him…..

He send the hosts!

He gets the glory!

Blessed to serve the Lord of hosts who gives me power for my days!


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July has been crazy,  lots of fun and times with family and friends.  The kind of fun that keeps you busy and away from the reality of life as in book-work and weeding the garden!  I am now playing catch-up in those areas and hope to be back in the saddle by the end of the week.

This is our son Matthew with my dad’s brother, Bruce, his wife Marcia, daughter Lindsey and her husband Ray.  This was the first time to be with Ray who was born and raised in Ireland.  He was gracious to sit and visit with me while I asked him my various assortment of questions pertaining to life in Ireland.  He is a kind and wonderful man and we are glad that he is part of the family.



My sister arrived with her family and we went on a beautiful Sunday afternoon boat ride, over and back to Washington Island.


Sitting with my niece, as in singular, and my nephews, as in plural!   Lacey is sitting on the end in the “big sunglasses” section.








Our beautiful girls!


We celebrated the 4th of July with our Gills Rock boat regatta.  You can see some of the cousins up on top of the fish tug.








We had a picnic at our local park and watched the sunset.




My beautiful older daughters!


                                                                       Brother sister love between Mandy and Jason.


Jason and Jeni looking adorable!

Photo bombed!



Bruce, Marcia and my mother.


Mandy, my sister Angela, me, my mother and Jeni.  Three generations of women who love God!




                                    They are crazy, every last one of them, well maybe except a few, but I will leave you guessing as to who is sane!


Beautiful women, and a photo bomb by one young man.  Photo bombing became the theme of the week as you will see in other posts.  🙂


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This is our beautiful and godly daughter Annie.  The latest graduate from our Homeschool, Johnson Academy.

We are so thankful for all of God’s leading in her life.  He has done wondrous things on her behalf and grown her into a multi-talented young woman who delights in serving others and being a blessing to her friends and family.  She is a joy and that huge smile on her face is symbolic of her life as she chooses joy to be her foundation.  She has the Johnson wit, ohhhhh does she have the Johnson wit!   She is so funny but as there is an ongoing competition in this family to be known as funniest, I won’t say more than that!   She speaks the WORD!  She has really come into a place in her spiritual maturity that she can bring the one and only TRUTH to those she is in conversation with, and God is glorified.  She has conquered fears.  She loves to worship and she is a joy to watch worshiping.  🙂   She loves children and children love her.   She is a faithful sister to her siblings and feels their pain deeply, she is a prayer warrior for those in need.  She sacrifices her time and finances for the needy locally and around the world. She is an animal lover……. a balanced animal lover!   She brings us joy, what more can we say?   We are proud of her and all that she has accomplished in eighteen years on planet earth.  She will do much for the Kingdom of God.  Watch out world!  She is a Prov. 31 young  woman, a mighty warrior woman of God.

With Dad and Mom.

Our family so far~

I want to thank all of these wonderful family members who hauled chairs and tables and decorated and served food and blessed and blessed and blessed.  Team Johnson always comes through and we could not have made this day so special for Annie without all of you.  You are loved.

The other graduate we were celebrating that day was Gretel.  Here she is with her mother Karen, my dear friend.

The sister serving crew…… this picture sums up our life….. someone is usually laughing!   This picture brings me so much delight as Mandy has the best laugh going here.  I love sisters being sisters.  🙂

Beautiful young women and a few photo-b0mbing young men!

It gets better with more photo bombing!

This is the cottage wall, the most popular place to sit and chat and watch people.  🙂

Annie was off busy greeting folks so Jeni (her look alike in  many ways) stepped up to her table to greet people and tell of Annie’s future plans!   She did confuse a few folks.  🙂

                                                            Annie and Gretel, dear friends and sisters in Christ.


My dear husband Rick served water and pink lemonade to all the guests, rarely leaving his work station.  Here he is with his best friend Paul H., not to be confused with his other best friend Paul L.!   Honestly, I did not coach them on how to stand, I just asked to take their picture, then begged a little when they said I was ruining their fun moment together…. then they agreed and look how they posed identically!  Left arm over right, lean a little!   🙂   I really like this picture!  Two wonderful men.

There is only one thing that can gather young women like this……… if you look by my daughters left shoulder you will see a little newborn hand!   Our good friends brought their newborn baby girl and she was adored by all.

Did I mention that it rained in the middle of the party?  Here in Door County the storms come up quick and can be violent.  We went from sunshine to dark clouds within a few minutes and thankfully it rained for just a few moments.

Porch crowd having fun while it rained.

This is the kind of friends that we have…. they grab extra plastic tablecloths and make tents ( those VERY tall nephews of mine came in real handy for this) and visit under the covering.  My mother commented that she got to meet some nice people while she waited out the rain under one of these canopies!

                                                                                                                                               The baby.

After the rain left we served more folks and then gathered to pray over these beautiful girls.  Karen shared and Rick shared ( and humored us) and then we asked others to join us in prayer over our daughters Gretel, Annie and their friend Karee.  It was a beautiful and solemn time of lifting them up to the Lord and asking for their well being in the years to come.  Awesome!

No Johnson party is complete without gathering in the living room to laugh and visit and sometimes, as there was this night, a couple rounds of mafia.  Beautiful young people, beautiful joy as we celebrated together God’s goodness on our family.

Blessed to see God lead in our Annie’s life, blessed to know He cares for all of our children as well as every one pictured in these pictures.  We serve a loving, caring, faithful God.