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Annie’s Birthday and Purity in our Children   Leave a comment

We celebrated Annie’s birthday before, the day of, after, and there is still one more celebration to come!

This was the family gathering with dear families from church who have loved Annie since she was a baby, or who have had influence in her life and blessed her.  For some reason I did not take a picture of the adults, but here are a few of the young adults.

This was THE special gift of the day for Annie.

Here she is opening the gifts from our friends with the help of a special friend.

We have a family tradition that started when our oldest daughter was turning 18 and we wanted to make it a special mile-stone in her life. Rick and I discussed our ideas about purity rings and he liked the idea of being the first to give his girls a diamond and treat them like a lady, setting the standard for the men they would meet in the future.   What started as a simple promise ring evolved into a ring with three stones and significant meaning.

Each of our daughters has been given a different style three diamond ring and this is Annie’s.  Why three stones?  They are to remind her that her purity is a a gift and that these three stones represent  three reminders of purity:
First stone — A reminder to obey God Who loves her the most and desires the best for her life which is why He tells us in His Word all about sexual purity and the beauty of waiting until marriage.
Second Stone — A reminder that her father has been her protector and that he will continue to be that for her until she marries and that she will receive blessings for honoring him.
Third stone — A reminder of the man whom God has for her to marry some day in God’s perfect time, and this stone is to reminder her to pray for him and for his purity and a reminder to stay pure for him.
There are no powers in this ring, it is just a symbol ring given in love to our beautiful girls so that they will have a constant reminder of truths when temptation comes their way, and it will.
Our son and daughters have all been taught God’ way of looking at marriage and intimacy and they understand His ways and the consequences of not obeying God…… and His grace and forgiveness as well.   They have been taught that sex is a very good thing and a great blessing to a husband and wife and it is FUN!   This is what we have wanted out children to see in us so that they will see this gift as honorable and worthy of being respected.   Rick and I do not hide our affection for each other and sometimes the children will plug their ears and cover their eyes in mock-disapprovale of us, but always with laughter and joy.  It is written in numerous family training books that two parents in love and showing it, gives the children in the family great security, and our children are very secure in our love, imperfect as we are.  It really amazed me how God’s grace and His Truth enables Rick and I to parent these blessings….  God is SO good!
What a joy it was to share this special time with friends and to see our beautiful 18 yr. old with her gorgeous ring on her hand!  She is growing up so fast and though my heart struggles to keep up with my precious daughters becoming such lovely ladies, I do have great anticipation for all that God is going to do with these young women.  They belong to Him first and we are privileged to be allowed to have them for such a short time under our roof….. Praise the Lord for this!
Blessed to have an Annie in our lives, gift from God!

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Melody’s Birthday!   Leave a comment

We celebrated Melody’s birthday the Sunday before her birthday, the day of her birthday and the two following days after her birthday…. yep, that’s the way the Johnsons like to celebrate!  Here we are on the actual day of her birthday when we took a trip to go shopping in Green Bay,  Her friend Hannah came along and we had a great time.



We met Mandy at the mall and shopped and shopped.  Those older sisters are such a blessing to me as I am not a shopper and prefer to go in and get what I came for and get out as fast as possible.  It still puzzles me as to where these daughters of ours developed such a love of shopping!



Mandy is always ready to share, thankfully Annie was too!

Melody invited three friends over for supper along with their families, then the friends spent the night and had breakfast the next morning.

Melody is such a blessing to us.  She is musically talented, a poet, artist, cook, lover of God’s Word and she serves the Kingdom of God well.  We are so glad that she continues to grow in the Lord and to become more mature each year, she is a delight!

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Truth   Leave a comment

Yesterday I drove to Sturgeon Bay, an hour away, to get the tires changed on our suburban in preparation for our trip to Virginia on Friday.    I cleaned out the suburban and in the process found an old sermon series called the If’s of the Bible by Kimber Kauffman who was the head preacher at College Park Church in Indianapolis.  

As I headed down the road I popped in the cassette, I know…. that is almost  a word of antiquity these days, and actually had to remember how to fast forward and rewind, and finally got the sermon going.  I listened again, to a teaching that reminded me of how important it is to know the WHOLE Bible and to take into consideration all that is written versus the parts that fit a particular wish or desire.  The Gospel is a simple message and we are given in Jesus all we need to live out our lives with Him as Lord, but we must know what the Word as a whole teaches.  There are many ifs in the Bible and I have a habit of circling them because they alway show a choice that I must make, to act one way or another and often there is a consequence stated along side.  Beautiful Truths!

The teaching made me think…. and I like that, but it also challenged me to listen carefully to what I take in from the abundance of teachers that are available to be heard from a single Google Search.  Rick and I have our favorite preachers, solid in their Biblical teaching but recently I have heard friends mention new teachers that they are listening too and wanting to discuss what they are hearing with me.  After checking into some of them and listening to a fair amount of the teaching as one sermon is not enough to go on, I am concerned about the lack of solid teaching that is becoming popular.  Very one-sided teaching where the balance of God’s Word is not presented in a whole.  I am most concerned because Jesus said there is a cost in following Him which He speaks to in Luke 14:25-33.  I am concerned that the Truth is not being shared fully leading folks to a half-truth way of trying to live a Christian life.  That is not fair and not loving.

 I am not going to name names but I am going to pray harder that I continue to have a passion for knowing ALL of God’s holy Word and that I always speak the full Truth.   In my studying this morning I was reading in Eph. 4  and I came across the beautiful verse in which Paul is talking to Christians and challenging their life-styles because they were forgetting the Truth that they had put on the NEW MAN and with that HAD to be a change in their behavior.  He says in verse 21  Assuming you have heard about Him, and were taught in Him as THE TRUTH IS IN JESUS!

I am going to meditate on that today — The TRUTH is in JESUS!  I want truth and I will find it in Jesus and since He is the Word, I will find it in His Word!

Simply Blessed today


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