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In normal life most people like to celebrate their birthDAY, special dinner, presents and maybe some friends over.  Not in the Johnson house!  Our girls like to celebrate big and so they have birthWEEKS!   ONe day is just not enough of a party for our girls.  This started with Jeni, our oldest daughter and has carried on down through the sisters.  Annie would prefer a birthMONTH but my sweet husband has put his foot down on that much celebration!  Life is worth celebrating but the budget does not allow for it!

Last weekend Jeni and Jason came up for three nights and so the celebration began.

We had such a lovely time with them and did some fun shopping at the second hand stores and visiting around the woodstove in the morning with coffee….   just being a family together.

On one of our hikes we took Sammy along.  He loved playing leader and protector of the women!   His imagination and vocabulary never cease to amaze me.

Our two lovely ladies.  I love this picture as it shows them so natural with their smile and happy faces.

Jeni and Sammy joined the two!

The men as they sat watching the present opening time.  It is obvious that the school table never got cleared for the weekend.  Sometimes that happens!

Eating dessert in the living room, only Jason would look up, my Scandinavians are still a little camera shy after all these years!

We said goodbye on Monday morning after homemade cinnamon rolls and watching an Elephant Room dvd and then sitting around discussing our thoughts.

We are so thankful that Jeni married such a wonderful man and that he fits in so well with our family!

Blessed by Family


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