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Milwaukee Weekend —   Leave a comment

For Christmas I bought Rick and Jason tickets to the No Regrets conference at Elmbrook in Milwaukee.  We drove down on Friday evening after Rick got home from work.  Saturday morning Rick and Jason left for the conference and then Jason’s mother, LuAnn came over to spend the day with we girls.  She had two sons so it is fun for her to get to do the girl-time!

Jeni was trying to help her Dad and Jason figure out which workshops to go to..  There were many excellent choices and they enjoyed the ones they attended.  Tony Evans was the main speaker and our guys were MORE than impressed what he had to say.  They both were very glad that they attended.

Jeni must have been concerned about her Dad’s choices — also a nice picture of her cute kitchen.

Jeni, LuAnn and Jason

Jeni made a delicious breakfast of waffles and fruit and then we headed out to a mall that she wanted us to see. It was very nice and had all the high end stores.  Although I am not much of a mall person, or shopper for that matter, I did enjoy seeing what was for sale and even bought a nice shirt at 75% off!  That is about the only time I buy!   We ate at the food court and met up with our friends, Joy and her daughter Ally and d-i-l Kelly from home who were down there as well.

After the mall we went to Kelly’s house to see it as they had just purchased it recently.  It was fun to see the place and have her show us her first house.

Afterward we made it home just before the guys did and in enough time to get the lasagna (I had made and brought down) into the oven to heat up for supper.  Jason loves lasagna so I made a huge pan to leave enough for his lunch on Monday and some to freeze for later.

We spent the evening relaxing, playing games and watching the sports channel.

This is the girl’s bathroom so Rick was not sure what all the bottles were about, all he wanted was a little spray in conditioner!  After seeing this picture I realize that I just do not have the technique and concentration for doing eye make-up —  these girls are taking it serious!

Sharing the bathroom, just like olden times!

We had a great time going to their church and hearing great preaching.  WE are thankful that Jason and Jeni are involved and serving their church as God leads.  They are such a blessing.

Jason and the girls —  he suffers from all the female attention but manages to make it through.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at a Burger King — hadn’t been to one in many years but this one was close to the highway for heading home.  It was good — loved the sauce for the fries and it was free onion ring day and we have always like onion rings!

After good byes we headed home in time to make it for a big Super Bowl party at our church.  Lots of fun, games and meeting new people.  It was hard to take the game seriously because the Packers were not playing, but we tried  🙂

That was the fourth weekend we were out of town and it felt good to get home that night to our own beds knowing that were not going to be heading out for a while.

Mother and Daughter —  I love my girls —

Thanks for sharing your home with us Jason and Jeni–  it was so fun to be with you!

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Fifty…… Sorry pictures are a little blurry!   Leave a comment

For years I have thought about the fact that at some point I would hit 50, but never with fear or worry.  I have lived so much of my days in the thrill of the adventure of life, where age really does not matter to the event of the moment.  I have yet to be told I am too old to do something, attend an event or participate in an activity.  That last statement might be because I just hang around really cool people of all ages!

So all of the sudden, a few weeks ago, the day came.

I woke up feeling so blessed, so thankful for 50 wonderful years of life, and all the goodness of the Lord in my life.

Then the partying began, actually it had begun days earlier with a birthday breakfast for a dear friend and I, and a game night on the eve of my birthday….. we do like to celebrate in this family and God approves,  Ex. 5:1  🙂

We started the day with breakfast at Al’s, a local eatery with my mother in law.  What a treat that was..

My friend Kari came over with a gift of the prettiest earrings, and we visited and had a time of prayer together.

Friends called through the day so I spent an unusual amount of time on the phone and of course spending time with our children who are away from home.

Later in the afternoon I was banned from the kitchen and my sweet husband, after a hard days work, along with his girls prepared my the most delicious dinner of steak, shrimp, baked potatoes and salad.  It was so good and such a treat!

We laughed and talked and they gave me my present — a lovely Coach purse, in red!  Wow, what a special gift!  I have to admit that wearing a purse like that makes me feel more responsible to “act my age!”

One of my other gifts were ticket to go see the Newsboys in concert!  My start of loving Christian Contemporary music was with the band  DC Talk and I remember watching them on tv on the Thomas Road Baptist church service on Sunday mornings, before we headed out to our service of course!  🙂   Then came the Newsboys and I, and my children, have enjoyed them for years.   So when we heard that the Newboys were doing a worship concert with a few other bands, in a beautiful theater not too far away, I knew that I wanted to go.  My sweet husband bought the girls and I tickets!



We never go alone to a concert and so here is our favorite dark-haired senior, and good friend of Annie’s, Gretel.

Don’t let the look fool you, she LOVES hanging with the Johnsons!


Here I am with Melody.

The concert was three hours of worship and Aaron Shust spoke about our calling as Christian, which was very good.

These boys are all from the south, at least most of them and so the night had a few comments in reference to the extreme cold of that evening, it was -7 when we arrived.  They were freezing!

After the concert we decided to wait and get autographs.  We don’t always do this but we were only traveling to Green Bay for the night and so this was an opportunity!

In all my years of taking youth to conferences, I have never had my picture taken with a band.  It’s just not my cup of tea….. typically!  But with turning 50, seeing a melding of my two favorite bands – DC Talk and Newsboys–  the next thing I knew I was in line and when we got to the end of the table……………….

there I was, telling Michael Tate how his music has been used to bless my life and bring joy to our home……  I asked for a photo and he agreed so there you have it!  My first band picture with a rocker who is just about as old as I am…. although he laughed and said I did not look 50!  He probably says that to all the older women who ask for a photo with him and being nice IS the Christian way to be!  🙂

The best part of the night, after all the wonderful worship and challenging words we heard, was the encore….

The Newsboys went old-school DC Talk and did Jesus Freak —  A song which has been one of my life themes!

What will people think when they hear that I’m a Jesus Freak?
What will people do when they find that it’s true?
I don’t really care, if they label me a Jesus Freak
there ain’t no disguising the truth

I just smiled when the song started as I knew this was a gift to me from the Lord, the one who put in me such a passion for His Holy Word and an undying passion for Him!    Jesus Freak?………. yeah!


This was the next morning at Matthew’s apartment.  He made the girls breakfast and lunch while I went to be with  a friend who was having surgery.  He is such a good brother and he blessed the girls and made sure that they did some school-work!

This was the sunset over Hedge-Hog harbor when we returned home that evening.

It is the second sunset in a month where a beam of light was shining straight up into the heavens.  I do love it when a sunset acknowledges it’s Creator!

So I celebrated, for over a week, with friends moments away and moments at home.  Sweet!

I leave with one of my favorite verses —

Romans 12:1

I urge you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

Loving life at 50 as God keeps me being transformed into His perfect will!