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This is love in action.   I had spent the morning running in and out of the house helping Rick put siding up, and it was fun.  I enjoy helping my husband with these jobs even though I am VERY afraid of the nail-gun.  THe closer he gets to me as he nails down the siding I am holding up, the more I cringe!  WHen I cringe I close my eyes, when I close my eyes I am not looking to make sure the siding is exactly on the line…….  my Command man is ALL about straight lines.  I am getting better at keeping an eye on the line while cringing.  🙂   Later in the morning, our dear friend and brother in the Lord came and took my place, helping Rick finish the front of the house.  It looks so great!  I am thankful for Mark and his willingness to bless us.


We taught Sammy to play Sequence and he really liked the game and caught on quick.  Here, he is trying to smile his way into Melody NOT blocking his sequence.  I do not remember if she went for it, I kind of doubt it as he is a decent player and as competitive as a Johnson!

This is Mia, looking like a nerd, brushing her teeth to a Justin Beeber singing tooth-brush.  So cute!

Games….. we love them, we play them, we enjoy having friends over to play and we like to represent!  My man says “why even play if you are not going to win!”   Yes SIR!

Annie got new head phones and took a nap with them on, clutching her blanket and guarded by her dog.  Looking precious!


What’s not  to  love about a girl who enjoys C.S. Lewis and stops and reads quotes to me!  She rocks!


This is what I miss now that Kristi is back at Liberty.  She loves to sit and play beautiful classical music and worship music as well.  I caught this picture with the sun shining in on her hair and the memory brings delight to my heart.  Beautiful woman of God praising her Lord.


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Christmas morning was unusual to us as we had our church service.  Christmas has not been on a Sunday in quite awhile and with no Christmas Eve service we were thrown off a little from our customary routine.  We had a nice breakfast and relaxed a bit, opening stockings and then headed to church.

Here are the children that were home, doing their Packer poses before we started opening presents.  It is obvious that there is a Packer game that evening.

Someone with a new camera snapped this picture of me, I never seem to get my apron off before pictures get taken!

Sometimes Matthew gets a little overwhelmed with all the blondes, and the dark haired one, but they sure do love him!

After dinner we opened gifts and the girls alway enjoy buying clothing for their brother.  Here he is opening as they all watch in anticipation!

One of the things that  Kristi asked for was that her father would take her to the Packer game on Christmas evening.  How can a Packer-loving father say no to that!   Despite cold temps they bundled up and headed out with Matthew to head to the game.

I just adore this picture of Matthew, he looks so good!

This is dear to my heart as well.  Kristi and her Uncle Randy!  SHe was in good company at this game.  🙂

Well, three out of four is not bad!  Kristi and the guys! And doesn’t she look adorable??

This was earlier in the week, Kristi and Sammy doing cookies together.


I close with a little sister fun and their beautiful faces.

Christmas was blessed and wonderful.  The service in the morning had me in tears as we worshipped and adored out Savior, remembering His birth and all that He came to do for us.

We were so glad for having some of our children home and the joy of being together.  We laughed and talked and enjoyed each other.  It was a wonderful day.

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Our Christmas tree.  Annie had me go and buy extra lights as she thought we did not have enough after our first attempt at decorating.  It seems that many of our strands had given up the ghost!  She was correct, and with all the extra strands it turned out beautifully!

Melody had her Christmas recital and did a wonderful job.  We are always so proud of her beautiful music.


Mikey Ball married his love, Mary.  We joined with everyone in celebrating their marriage which was so beautiful.  They headed out the next day for Malaysia where Mikey has a job.  They have already started attending a Baptist church in their city and we are enjoying their updates on life in that part of the world.


THe whole family was invited to the wedding but the girls needed to work, and the dog needed someone to watch her, so…… Rick and I had to go all the way alone, spend the night together and enjoy a wonderful day together at the wedding.  It was hard to get away like that…… but we suffered through!   HA!  🙂


Here I am with Cassidy, Mikey’s sister and dear friend.  It was good to get to be with her as well.  She lives in Indiana so we do not get to see her often.  😦


We Christmas caroled for all the shut ins at our local Nursing home and then went and caroled for Betty, who has been struggling with health issues this fall.  What a delight to bless and minister to those we love.

The girls did cake decorating for all the folks we enjoy giving cookies too for Christmas.

Mia turned 2 and we helped celebrate with her family.


The Johnsons love Mia and here are the girls helping her to put two fingers up for being two years old.


I wrapped the presents for the girls soon after I bought them and then used a basket and well………..  you can see what I did to it.  It’s not that I don’t trust our children………….   🙂

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Eating sushi for the first time at our delicious Japanese meal with Andrew and Lydia.

Cooking at church for the Thanksgiving dinner — everything is more fun when we work together.

Sushi — Japanese style

Just another awesome Packer party

My sweet husband is always happy when his children are home — his smile says it all!

Three funny girls on the couch — Rick enjoys his girls being home but he does have to put up with lots of extra noise!

Lovely Annie


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Christmas shopping in Green Bay with our friends Karen and Gretel

Blurry picture…… but we are really sharp women!!!

Mandy and Melody in the mall — beautiful women


One Sunday before the game started, we had a sushi making demonstration and then we all got a turn at rolling and making it.  It was so much fun and we had learned to love sushi a few weeks before, thanks to our favorite international, Lydia!

Melody with our teacher Lydia.

A mother and son team learning the fine art…

Here I am in the learning process, and not to brag or anything….. but the teacher said mine were the best…. just saying!

Kristi came home for Thanksgiving and we were so delighted to see her!  Matthew was too!

We learned a new game called Dutch Blitz over Thanksgiving and here we are having it out — obviously Annie thinks someone is cheating, that is her evil eye look   🙂

Family dinner —

Jason calling Annie out on something, love it.  He is such a great brother-in-law and we enjoy him so much.


Thanksgiving day during the game time —


The Johnson women, usually blonde but sometimes things change   🙂


The men of the family — strong, handsome, hard-working men, who bless our lives.

Our family – 2011   These precious people are the greatest treasure we have on earth  and are so thankful for them all.

This is one of my favorite pictures of these two — so beautiful

Poor Jeni, the little sisters are always trying to make her share, and Jeni does NOT share her man!  The facial expressions always crack me up!

Poor Bailey,  she finds these family gatherings just EXHAUSTING!    That dog is pure drama, no wonder we like her so much  🙂

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These are some old pictures but they show the seasons of our lives.  Here is the apples-sauce making for 2011.  Gretel had stayed overnight so being one of our dark-haired daughters, she was called to this chore.  They did a great job and after a whole day of work se ended up with well over 50 quarts.  With Rick at the helm, not a pan scorched and the taste was delicious.

Kristi saw a picture of our working together in the kitchen and her comment was that Gretel had better not be taking her place….  one of the joys of a large family is the working together and producing our good organic food together.  Everyone is needed and learns early to be a part of the process as they will also reap the benefits of good food for the next year.  No one is replaceable and as the children are leaving the nest I do have concerns about doing all this work on my own!   That is a few years away so for now I will enjoy the work with my daughters and sweet husband.