People are asking how Kristi is doing way off at college in a foreign land, VA! Here she is!   Leave a comment

      Here she is, beautiful as ever and her smile says it all.  Yes she misses family and Jazmin but she is doing well.  She is enjoying the teaching and especially making such wonderful friendships with other young men and women.  God is good!

This is her roommate Cierra, they are beautiful women of God

They help each other find there way around campus!!!  🙂  Aren’t their smiles beautiful!

This is Kristi planking…. new term for us.  She is mimicing the art form which is on top of the soda machines.  Crazy!

This is another figure made by the art department at Liberty.  It actually had a great message as You can read on the title in front of the picture.  The Trashy Heart is the name.  It symbolizes that what we take into our brains by reading, viewing and listening may trash our brain and our heart.  The figure was completely clear accept for the heart and the brain which were discolored.  Great reminder of a Biblical truth.  Reminds me of the Sunday school song, Oh Be Careful Little Eyes what You See!

This figure was so lovely — Kristi is lovely as well, as always.

Kristi usually saves this kind of a face for when she is watching the Packers and they are loosing!

I do love this look, mysterious and lovely at the same time!

First time trying on wigs… Red!  NO, NO, No, and again her father says NO!  He loves his blondes!

So, Kristi is growing in the Lord, and being challenged, she is having fun and enjoying new relationships

We are getting used to missing her and I have almost got the grocery change under control,  less milk, doritos and butter with her gone.

We love to talk on the phone with her, text and skype.

She comes home in 24 days, yes, we have a countdown as we cannot wait to see her, feed her good homecooking and hug her!

We love her and are proud of her.



Posted October 26, 2011 by joyfulhouse in Door County Life, Family

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