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I am loving these beautiful, cool mornings, with  breezes blowing through the windows.  The sky is so very dark at five in the morning and as Rick and I sat together this morning we saw the ominous pink in the sunrise that usually means we will see some sort of strong weather today.  They are predicting thunder storms and the rain would be a blessing.

We are missing Kristi, there is a noticeable difference in our home without her beyond setting the table for only four.  We talk to her every day and she is doing well, praise the Lord.  She has skyped with her siblings and I saw pictures of her room yesterday, that Mandy showed me.  Her classes are going well and she is busy.  She was in her bunk when the earth quake hit VA and she felt her bunk and dorm shake!  Another child going through earthquake tremors.  Today or tomorrow she will experience the bands from the tornado Irene which should bring rain and winds across the state from what I understand, not terrible, but the affects of that storm.  All this makes us feel that Door County is indeed a safe place!

Our days are busy too, I have cleaning to be catching  up on and have started that process.  I will finish the laundry at one of the houses today, and get the pressing and beds all made up again.  I also put together the music for Sunday which always takes longer than I think it should!  We practiced on Wed. night and it was sweet worship.  Yesterday Annie and Melody and I went to Appleton to be with Mandy and get some shopping done.  There were many great sales and the girls were able to get some much needed clothing.  I bought one shirt in a beautiful blue.  I had another shirt in the basket but the sale price was still over $20 dollars and I really do stick to a rule of never paying over $20 for any item of clothing unless for a special occasion.  And $10 is more my limit for a shirt, even a nice one.  I then left the girls shopping and went second-hand shopping and was able to find a cute skirt and some dresses and skirts for the girls.  So, we are doing well in being ready for fall as far as clothes.

Our first stop for shopping was Fleet Farm, same as Tactor supply stores in the south.  The girls insisted that they did not need to go in to that store…  I told them the reasons that I did not want them to be sitting out in a parking lot while I was inside, regardless of having a cell-phone.  They finally got out of the car and headed in.  I knew that they were trying to avoid a habit I have of pointing out the nice gentlemanly farm boys that are there as well as working the check-outs!  They just die when I choose a checkout where a farmboy is working!!!   Isn’t parenting just a blast?  🙂   Since they had argued with me about coming in I told them they had to find coyote pee for the garden, did I mention I am having an outrageous problem with deer and that they have eaten a good portion of my garden despite the fact that I left lots and lots of weeds in the garden as a decoy?   Although I have never read an article on weed decoys I thought I would give it a try this year, as time for weeding has been limited.  So, back to the story.  I went about getting jeans for Rick and then into the canning supplies and never catching a sight of my girls.  I was wondering where they were when they rounded the corner and came my way, minus coyote pee.  I asked where it was and they said they could not find it and when I asked about there getting help from a store clerk, they said they didn’t ask, in other words, they did not want to say coyote pee to a clerk.  If I could have remembered Liquid Fencing I would have, but that would not have been as much fun as saying coyote pee!   So, I bought boxes and boxes of canning lids for half the price of what they are up north in our neck of the woods, Yeah!  We went to the gardening aisle and found the Liquid fencing.  I also bought a bag of those Pepto Bismal pink wintergreen mints, because I remember having those on my grandparents farm.  We left the store without seeing one farmboy, much to the girls relief!

Time with Mandy was wonderful and we laughed and even teared up as I told her of saying goodbye to Kristi.  She loves her family deeply and we miss seeing Mandy as her job keeps her so busy.  She is also fun for the girls to shop with because I am not a shopper, especially with malls.  I took the time while they were browsing to call my mother and visit with her and then to just sit and think and people watch, enjoying all the beautiful people that God has created.

Today will be catch up day.  I am about to fill the board with the list of jobs we need to accomplish then I will get to it.  It will be a full day.  We will have marinated pork chops and fresh corn on the cob for supper, easy meal and quick since the Packers play this evening.  We will also have two young men over for supper and the evening so their parents can have a date night.  The younger guy is a visitor to the family and just getting to know all of us so I am glad for the opportunity to play games with him and get to know this young man.

This is what I read in Daniel 6 this morning:

He is the living God and He is steadfast forever and His kingdom is the one that will not be destroyed.  He delivers and rescues and works signs and wonders in heaven and earth!

Love it,  that is the God I want overseeing my life today, that is the God that I can believe in and I am so thankful that I can be a part of His Kingdom.

Choosing joy today


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