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Thirty-one years ago I was visiting the little village of Gills Rock while on vacation with my family.  At church on Sunday I met a local commercial fisherman name Rick Johnson.  He was fishing in Sheboygan at the time, 2.5 hours away.  Every night that week he would get off the boat in Sheboygan and drive north to take me out for ice-cream or miniature golfing, then drive the 2.5 hours back to Sheboygan to get on the boat and head out fishing once again only to repeat it again and again for the whole week.  I was a little naive to all of this going on behind the scenes…. I did not know where Sheboygan was after all!

My parents left for Ohio after the week was done, but I stayed in Gills Rock and started working as a waitress at a local place.  Rick and I saw each other every day and after ten weeks he told me he wanted to marry me.  I was young, just out of high school, so my answer was that I believed this to be God’s will but only with my parents complete approval.  In a way we started this courtship with the goal and intent of marriage and in Dec. my father did give his whole-hearted approval and we married five months later.

I was living with a local family who took me in and have been such a blessing in our lives all these years.  We also had a godly pastor who’s wife led me and taught me so although I was away from my parents I had godly influences in my life.

Now, 30 years later, we can see God’s hand in it all…. it is beautiful and thrilling to see how He orchestrated our lives together to help each other become the people God designed us to be and to give God glory in our lives and family.  It has not always been joyful, and there have been times where it has been very hard, but our love for God made the difference.

Our wedding announcement said:

Psalm 118 —

The Lord has done this and it is wonderful in our eyes!

Amen and Amen and Amen

Mandy designed this cake and it was beautiful, a before and 30 years later set of pictures.  Loved It!

Here we are, the family that God designed.  He blessed us so much, six children, when we were told I would be lucky to have any!   How precious are the gifts that God gives.  Unfortunately, Jason took this picture so he is not in it, and the one that he was in, well….  most of the back row were missing half their heads…  but he is part of our family in every way and we believe marriage makes him permanently one of ours which is why I am sad that there was not a good picture with him in it.  We are nine strong…….. so far!

Decorating the church

Memory table

I just loved it that they used clotheslines for the memory pictures.  i use clotheslines all the time so it fit well.

What a hoot to go down memory lane and see our lives in pictures.

I think the boys are commiserating  here about living with Johnson women….  I am sure they were worn out from doing the bidding of the five sisters in preparing for our party.  They did a beautiful job and it turned out so lovely.  Thanks guys..   Oh, and Annie was making sure she looked lovely as well….. and she did!

Day before preparations…. bake, bake, bake.  Our other daughter Ally joined the team of bakers and helped as well.

It was exhausting work for her — 🙂

The kitchen crew —

Our children worked so hard and it was a wonderful night of celebrating our lives and really our family.  They did a slide show which was precious beyond words and a little skit about our family. We laughed and we cried.  Most of all we rejoiced in God’s grace and mercy on Rick and I as we have chosen joy, chosen to obey God and chosen to trust God for over 30 years, in the good and hard, the better and the worse times.  Glorious life because of a glorious God!

He gets all the praise!

Blessed —


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