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Randy, Matthew’s Birthday and family~   Leave a comment

We arrived back in Green Bay on Wed. mid-day and settled in at Matthew’s apartment before going grocery shopping and heading to my brother-in-law, Randy’s home.  Randy is recuperating from open heart surgery to repair a bad heart valve.  He has done remarkably well and Rick, who flew home to be with him through this time, has been with him every day.  We were so glad to see him doing so well although as Annie brought up, it hurt us to see the pain he was in when he would have to cough or get up and down in his chair.  We are thankful that we could make him some meals and help him for two days.  Mandy came up on Wednesday to have supper with us at Randy’s house.   Matthew was not with us as he was working.  So…. the girls bought him St. Patrick’s day cupcakes to take to Cummins for he and the guys.  Although he feigns that this bothers him, he really does love it when family shows up to see him.  Mandy took the girls after supper and headed to Cummins.

Sister Love!


I can just hear Matthew telling his sisters to walk behind him in single file and to KEEP THEIR HANDS TO THEMSELVES!   Some things never change!   🙂

Mandy could not help herself…. she saw something that needed to be fixed and had to grab a tool and help out!


Matthew and some of the crew digging in!


Sister Love for Matthew,  I know he was feeling the love!   He hassled the other guys because their family never shows up to give them treats….   he is spoiled and that is the way we like it.

Like brother, like sisters….  those are the Johnson stances.

On the way home the girls did a Dairy Queen run as Randy has had a sore throat and the ice cream feels good.  Mandy held this the whole way home and didn’t even lick it once —   we are SO proud of her.  She delighted her uncle and blessed him.  Mandy and her Dad cleaned Randy’s house for him before he was released from the hospital.  They worked hard and Mandy did the brunt of it because her Daddy does not clean around here.  he does not need to and that’s the way we like it!  🙂  She would tell him what to do and he did it.  He even did a load of laundry, well, as he tells it, he and Randy were in his basement looking at a TV wire and so while they were down there Rick asked Randy how to run a washing machine and Randy taught his older brother  one of the finer points of housework.  I would love to have had a picture of that moment.

Blessing to Mandy for her love for her Uncle and her willingness to serve him and care for him.  You shine!

The next day was St. Patrick’s day which means it is my mother’s birthday as well as our son’s special day.

We met for a late lunch at Randy’s house and had steak and all the fixings and cake for dessert.

Matthew was trying to escape my photo but I caught him—  the three guys ate in the living room because there was a race on…. and Randy only has four chairs in his house.  Our tribe took care of those real quick!

Matthew blowing out his candles.  His sister Kristi put trick ones on it so he had one which did not want to blow out.

Showing Matthew all the pictures of TN.

The Three Johnson men —   a fine and handsome group!

Randy and the gang.  They love their uncle, they made him smile, told stories to make him laugh, cooked for him and held his hands as we prayed together.  Serving makes all of us shine bright, but especially when young adults serve.  Praise the Lord for willing hearts.  Praise the Lord that Randy is doing so well and that God has given him more time here on earth.

So….. we came home last night and emptied the car and collapsed.

Today we have done a little school, a little unpacking and a few chores.  I am not feeling well at all so that has been a set back to accomplishing much of anything.  In fact, I am heading to bed as soon as I post this because my eyes are burning and I am so tired.  I think that stress has won and my body is revolting to need of sleep and rest!   I am yielding to this and resting so that hopefully I will be better tomorrow.

TN was wonderful, we love that place and especially being with our family.

Being with Mom and Dad was so good, more memories, more love shared.

Seeing Jeni and Jason in Oak Creek was a treat and especially having my daughter have supper ready for us.  What a blessing.  We sat around and shared hearts after supper, God is so good.

Seeing all of our older children, Matthew and Mandy in Green Bay was the perfect way to end this trip and what a joy to bless Randy and to be with him.

We are glad to be safely home.

Blessed in every way by Him who is the giver of all things that are good!


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FAMILY FUN PHOTOS   Leave a comment

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The heavens declare the glory of God…….   they just DO!   Poor English, but the only way to make clear that we cannot look to the heavens without seeing the hand of God.

THe last night we were in TN, as I was starting to help set the table, I noticed that the grass lawn to the east of the house had taken on a beautiful hue which meant to the west there was something beautiful going on.  I yelled for everyone to get on the porch to see the sunset and we ran out, immediately praising the Lord for His greatness in beauty.   I also grabbed my camera and started getting some pictures of these people that I love so much.  What a gorgeous gift God gave us in that evening.

This is love, serving, submitting, constant companionship, care-giving beyond normal care and devotion.   These are the sunset days of my parent’s marriage and this picture means the world to me for all it represents.

Johnson girls with Grandma and Grandpa

Sisters,  what a blessing to have time with my sister Angela, I begged Laurel to come but she could not get away.

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