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This picture sums up that last week for Kristi and the last 24 hours for most of the rest of us!   I know my family is not feeling well when they agree, without arguing, to take what ever concoction I mix for them!   The good news is that we are getting over this in about 3-4 days versus the 10-14 days it is taking our neighbors and friends.   THe wonderful thing about using God’s herbs is that it works so well with the body and encourages healing.  I have never drank so much tea in my life, but was able to play piano at church, entertain for the football game and do the baptism service.  Although I felt a little off, I was maintaining and net getting worse.  Today I am laying low and riding out the small headache which is lingering and praying we will all get better quickly.

I must admit that Rick did put up a fuss when I doped him, I thought I could not fool any of you on that!   He wondered why he had to take more than that others and why his Emergency drink was a different color, and what I  REALLY had put in his mix that made his taste so much worse than what his daughters had to drink……..  It is good to know that a Scandinavian’s strong will is not affected by fevers or severe illness —    🙂

Choosing joy while drinking tea on the couch!


For now,  have sent through a bunch of posts with pictures only.  That is because our family has been hit with a vicious virus and I do not want to be held responsible for what I might write under the influence of herbal teas and tinctures!   HA HA.  Really, my head just hurts too bad to think!   We are doing home-ec DVD s on the couch for school although Melody is propped in front of the computer doing her on-line schooling because she is diligent like that.  🙂   Most of her class is sick so obviously we are not the only place in the country hit with this plague.


I will add words and stories to the post in the next day or two — enjoy for now.

Blessed, despite it all!


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How does the Spirit do it?  That beautiful, wonderful wooing of the soul that speaks Truth into our innermost being, whispering of greatness and of incomparable forgiveness for the darkness of our souls where sins abide and cause us to wonder and yearn for better.  I love the mystery of our faith where one day I am pagan and the next a sold-out delivered and redeemed Child of God.   It is my delight to walk in my faith, but equally as delightful is the watching of our children’s walk to God.  The sweet confessions of faith as children and teens, turning into lives of passionate seeking the God of the Universe and finding joy in trusting and obeying His voice.  Watching the falling and the getting back up again, always praying for them, always willing to walk beside and at times stand back to see what God is going to do, sometimes begging Him to rescue my most dearest and treasured possessions on earth.

What joy to then hear our children come to us and say that the Spirit has said it is time to follow in baptism, to follow the example of Jesus and that great cloud of witnesses and show by baptism that their lives are committed to their Lord and that the walk of faith they walk is real and they want the world to know it is because of Jesus.

With our precious family at Bethel as witnesses our two daughters walked themselves into the waters of baptism to have their father who is the priest of our home baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Tears of joy and shouts of praise filled our sanctuary because this is holy and sacred, and equally delightful and celebratory to the fullness extent!   And Johnsons are know for their exuberant joy, straight from the Father above!

WE always have the folks getting baptized choose the worship for the service.  Annie and Melody chose–

In Christ Alone

Before the Throne Above

Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus


Sweet worship to our Savior.  This was the first time in a long time that all of our girls where together leading worship.

Mandy, Jeni, Rachel Stewert, Kristi,Melody, Annie and Gretel




I can hardly look at these pictures without starting to cry.  God is faithful, He has rescued and delights in these girls!

Isaiah 66:2  says:

For all these things My hand has made

For all those things exist, says the Lord

But on this one will I look

On him who is humble and of a contrite spirit

And who trembles at my Word

This speaks of Annie and Melody,  beautiful children of God, beloved, kind, bold and courageous women of God.

We love you and are proud of you and your desire to walk the walk and your consistency in seeking His face.  We can’t wait to see where God leads, where He takes you and how He uses you to change this world.


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Melody and friends.  It is so nice to have Bailey and Jazmin being friends………  finally!

Packer championship game….  celebrating Johnson style!

Johnson family, minus Jason, after the baptism.

Matthew getting some of his infamous sister love —


After the party at church we moved the party to our house, only problem was that Rick had left before us and took the suburban.  We did the Gills Rock squash and put eight in our little car and drove the three miles home!

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Northern girls haulage garbage to the dumpster and bringing back wood for the wood stove.   It was bitter cold this day but they bundled up and headed out just the same, taking a break to catch a snowflake in the mouth now and then!

One of the blessings of our new wood stove is the smaller amount of wood it uses.  This means there are no more daily trips to the wood pile, instead they can space out the trips to every three days or so.  Wonderful!



Door County early morning moon.  This was taken around 6:30 in the morning and it caught my eye every morning for that week.  It was disappointing to see the full moon end as it is such a beautiful sight on these winter mornings.

Dog Torture!


Melody and Annie studied cake decorating from a pastry book and learned to make roses.  Unfortunately they decorated a cake that I took to our Bible Study group and I went out the door without taking  a picture first.  You will have to believe me when I tell you it was beautiful and tasted equally as good.

Our friend Rachel Stewert came over and taught us a wonderful beading technique and we made the most lovely bracelets.  Better yet, we shared sweet fellowship together as we caught up on each other’s lives and the goodness of God.

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WHat a night of anticipation — our house was tense all day prior to the game. I put my nervous energy into cleaning the laundry room, found many lost items of clothing and thankfully no missing children! 🙂

The game was so exciting and the first quarter just about turned out living room upside down with screaming for the good plays and then a “different” kind of screaming for the mistakes. At the end of the first half, Rick was a dancing Baptist, looking a little AG, if you know what I mean!

I enjoy a good and exciting game and this one gave us quite the show.
I could not believe all the fans leaving the stadium at the end of the third quarter and I mentioned that to Rick who replied, ” I don’t leave, I stay and boo my team if they pplay that poorly!” Oh, good to know the man has principles!

So today the Bears play and I am already feeling torn between Jason’s team and the opposing. No one in my family feels the conflict that I do, that must mean I love Jason more! 🙂
Off to worship and enjoy God in His house then home to relax and do some fun crafts and take a nap and enjoy the day.

God is good and worthy of my praise — Oh how I love Him!

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I am sitting by my warm fire this morning which my husband stoked and set to blazing before he headed out into the cold, out to a steel boat and a lake of ice.  That man impresses me SO much!

I am just getting to the end of a book entitled Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.  It is good, full of scripture to back up what he is teaching and it is convicting.

As I read the book this morning I was touched in my heart by the need to do more for missions, to give more, to spare more time and energy for the sake of others.  I also had a moment of guilt, that nagging thought that I am not doing enough.  As I sat conversing with God on this feeling, He spoke into my heart.  He calmed me and with His Words like big soft hands, He directed my thought and my focus to His truth.

Sometimes we think that true “missionary” work is only done outside of the USA, or with people who do not look like ourselves, or have a completely different religious value…. etc.    That is one of the ways that missions is accomplished.  But, as the HS spoke to me this morning, true missions is done wherever I am at in the world and with whoever God has told me to minister too.  As I asked God the WHO question, He brought faces to my memory of teens I have loved and reached out to, and who still need ministering as they do not yet walk with God.  Young adults and single moms that I love, little children that come in our home and need to be taught about Jesus.   Sunday school classes that  I teach and the faces of these students.  This is my ministry and mission field.    I wept.

God has placed me in Door County, and those who know me well know it is like I am a fish out of water here.   I do not “fit” in many ways.  Even so, this is where God has placed me.  In a predominately white, middle class, somewhat religious community,  that needs JESUS!

I am willing, my heart is burning this morning to share the Gospel more, to love more, to do missions more!

As God redirected my heart this morning and calmed my concerns He also gave me ideas of things that our family can make and send to missionaries who are on other continents.  Gifts to give and to bless others.  This brings joy!

Eternity is on my heart this morning, how many more need to come to Jesus before God sends Jesus to take us home?

How much will I let a crazy love influence me?  Being called crazy for the things I do is nothing new to me, God often does crazy things with those who are willing and want to give it all!  Call me crazy!    🙂

Choosing joy in the service of my King,