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Saturday, and the loving of Fall   Leave a comment

We made carved pumpkins last night, not something we do every year by any means, but this year it happened!  Melody’s is on the left, an owl, Annie’s is in the middle and if you look closely you will see that it has braces!  Kristi’s is on the right and is a J with scrolling all around.  They  all turned out very well.

I did hear it mentioned that using the Packer pail for pumpkin guts might be a little dishonoring to the team,  I guess if we had a Bears pail it would be just fine!    🙂

This morning I sat by the fire, well, by the woodstove, as my fire did not take off well this morning.  I failed to notice that the last person who fed the stove had locked down all the drafts and my fire would not start due to need of air flow.  It is doing better now, thank you!   As I sat by the stove, in the dark, with just the slightest sign of the sky lightening, I sat in delight of this season.  I am so glad to be able to say that I DID grab a hold of Fall this year, not to my idealistic perfection of what Fall should be, but a slightly less than perfect, but so much better than usual, enjoying of the days.   This is progress my dear ones.



I am so thankful for the beauty outside that has lasted longer than usual despite cold and unsightly winds.  Very, very grateful for the close of the fishing season and that today they will pull the last of the nets and there is hardly a breeze so it should be calm waters for the men.  So thankful that yesterday when one of the guys rolled the fork-lift, in a very dangerous accident, he walked away!   What could have been disaster was instead a miracle.  Bless the Lord!   Thankful that although many nets are in pieces out there because of the high winds, our trap nets seem to be fairing well.  Today will tell as they finish lifting the rest of ours.  We have lost a lead which is no minor loss, but it could have been worse.

To celebrate closing season, Melody and I made an apple pie!   We are not dessert people so any form of sweets in our home is a big treat.  Rick deserved this after such a hard three weeks of work with not one day off.  Notice the fancy crust that Melody made, it was so lovely and Rick told us that it was an excellent pie.  Remember, my man is Scandinavian, man of few words and very few adjectives so this was highly unusual and  Melody and I looked at each other and just smiled.  We nailed it and made him happy, which was our goal!

In the back you can see pumpkin which I cooked down to freeze.  I will make pumpkin muffins for breakfast, good, healthy and warming!

The nights have been getting colder so yesterday I went out and picked the last few items that might not withstand the cold.   I picked the last of our lettuce, broccoli, leeks, beets, and carrots.   Our garden really amazes me every year.  While others emptied their gardens due to frost a couple of weeks ago, ours always hangs in there untouched.  It may be due to the closeness of the lake which keeps the temps up just a bit from even a quarter mile down the road. We are also just below a hill and somewhat protected.  What ever the reason, I am thrilled with the result.  My salad was delicious last night and the carrots are SO sweet.  Rick was amazed at the size of the carrots, especially because I have not been able to grow carrots for years!  I think all his hard work rotatilling did the secret and the bounty is wonderful!   I will make broccoli/leek soup for lunch with some fresh bread, using up the end of those veggies.  I still have lots of carrots to pick this morning and clean up.  I will probably clean them all and then pack the veggie drawers in my fridge with them instead of trusting our furnace room to stay cool enough.  We’ll see.

I hope to throw a bunch of compost, straw, leaves and manure on the garden and rotatill it all in for over winter, not today, but in the coming week.

Side note–  remind myself to NOT plant radishes, they are just not worth the space for the few that turn out edible.

We will clean up around the house.  I am doing laundry as I write and will finish that and some ironing.  We need to change the table around in the school area because there have been complaints  from the students!   Anything to make them more comfortable while they apply themselves to the acquiring of knowledge!   🙂

I will watch a PBS sewing show with Melody to inspire us as we plan our sewing for Fall.

I will also due a little book work because I can not escape the office —   EVER!

Later this afternoon, Rick and I will head to Green Bay with friends for the Homecoming concert.  The girls will probably have friends over, but they are also pretty worn out and may choose a movie and a quiet night by themselves for a change.

Annie needs to do some work on a paper that is due and when I told her she would have to work on it today, she went into faint mode.  You know, sliding down into the chair, despondent, giving me “that look”, all around disbelief.  As I reminded the girls that they were gone quite a bit this week and making up a few hours on Saturday is completely fine, they stared in shock.    What is it about that kind of response that makes a mother’s mind become all the more determined that the said activity WILL come to fruition??    Tune in later to see how this turned out   🙂

God is good, He keeps us safe, He gives us delicious food to harvest and enjoy, He changes the seasons and makes them each equally splendid.   He created music for our enjoyment as we worship Him and He gives us fire and candlelight to quiet our bodies and souls.  He is the Keeper of our lives and loves us so!





Concert fun in Green Bay   Leave a comment

On Tuesday the girls and I made a trip down to Green Bay as I needed a root canal.  No fun.   We made another trip down yesterday to go see Toby Mac, Third Day, Michael W. Smith and Max Lucado.  Loads more fun than a root canal!

We went to the mall so the youth could get a few things that they needed.  They all enjoyed the wind tunnel.  I love Gretel’s face, so cute!

Here is our gang, a great and fun bunch of teens or almost teens, and slightly older than teens!

Toby Mac,  still jamming’ like he’s 20 and praising the Lord loud and passionate.  He was so great and wowed the audience.  One of our daughters who I will not name, said that he is playing his songs slower so he can keep up……..  WHAAAAAAT — no way, he rocked the place just like he always has.  My favorites you ask?   I Don’t Wanna Gain the Whole World and Lose my Soul,  and Jesus Freak both of which are to be sung at my funeral, and better be danced too as well!    It is my Victory Day and I want my faith and life to be represented correctly!

Third Day,  I am always amazed by the power of this band, they are country Rock, loud with awesome guitars and their graphics on the screen were the finest I have ever seen at a concert to date.  Their new song is called Lift Up Your Face, Salvation is coming.   The song is so powerful and raucous which fits.  We had some doubters in my crowd when it came to Third Day but they were singing a different tune by the end of their set and were worshipping with the crowd!

Beautiful girls, Professor Annie!

Great night being with the bigger family of God, worshipping our Lord, being challenged to give more and love more.  Fun time of hanging with some great youth and seeing them enjoy the night,  late night, well worth it!

Prayed on the way home for no deer, did not see even one!  Is God big or WHAT!

God is so big that He planned two concerts in one week for me, He knows how I like them!  🙂   On Saturday we will head down to the Gaither Homecoming concert.  It will be a little different, instead of standing for most of the first two hours we will sit, not much dancing, less teens, but, it will be enjoyable as well.  I personally can’t wait to hear the Isaacs, they are so good.  Three trips to Green Bay in one week,  I might get grounded by my man fro a few weeks!

Blessed by music which blesses our God,


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I know this is blurry….  but it is the first time I have taken a picture off of my phone to put on my blog, and since I need to be honest I will have to back this train up.  Saying that I did anything it really exaggerating.  The girls told me how to do the camera on my phone, how to zoom with my camera, how to send a picture via my phone and then Annie did the BlueTooth thing this morning to get the picture on my computer.   So you see, I use the word “I” loosely!

We were hit with the mighty wind storm that covered the Midwest this week.  This freighter, one of the largest we have ever seen, came in on Monday night and stayed until yesterday.   I did not get a picture of the waves but at the horizon you could see huge white caps and jagged edges of the water, showing the height of the wave outside of the harbors.   Another freighter was laying in Ellison Bay, which was a first time for seeing a boat in that harbor.

Being a Commercial Fishing family, this has caused us great concern.  We are so thankful that the Lord held the storm off until Tuesday so that we could lift our nets on Monday, the last day before closed season.  We even had fish and we are grateful for every pound caught.  We prayed for a miracle lift of fish the last four days because the previous and usually very prosperous month had been poor at best.  God answered with some heavy lifts!

Yesterday Rick went out with the Weborgs as they work together to pull these heavy nets from the lake.  They were concerned about the condition of the nets due to two days of very high winds.  They were correct to be worried as they were only able to pull three nets, compared to six normally, and the nets were in pieces.  Long pieces of nets were torn off of the main traps and anchors and nets were driven a mile from where they were sent.  This makes for stress as Commercial Fishermen are required to get all gear out of the water and can be fined heavily for leaving pieces of nets and equipment as they are a safety hazard.  I am praying that some nets will not be so nearly destroyed.  They are costly to replace with an average price of a trapnet being around $5,000.  And I believe we have at least three if not four out there.  God is faithful and will take care of our needs, He always does!

Yesterday, when Rick left for work I told him to look and see if that freighter was gone.  I told him that if the freighter had not headed out into the sea then they should not as well.  He rolled his eyes at me!   This morning he told me that he had brought his boat around through Death’s Door and it was very nasty for a bit of the ride.  I couldn’t believe that he had done that as the area is called Death’s Door for a reason.  I guess I should learn after almost 30 years that a fisherman is going to do what he has to do, regardless of his wife’s opinion!



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Three Beautiful Girls   Leave a comment

It is too hard to pick just one of each of these beautiful girls, so I will give you a few of each that are my favorites —

Here goes —

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Psalm 24 with picture from our hike on Claudia’s trail —   1 comment

Psalm 24

Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord?  And who shall stand in His holy place?

He who has clean hands and a pure heart —

He who does not lift up his soul to what is false (idols)–

and does not swear deceitfully–

He will receive a blessing from the Lord

And righteousness from the God of his Salvation

Such is the generation of this who seek HIM

Who seek the face of the God of Jacob

Lift up your heads, O Gates!   And be lifted up, O ancient doors,

that the King of glory may come in —

Who is this King of Glory?

The Lord strong and mighty

The Lord, mighty in battle!

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Commercial Fishing update–   Leave a comment



This young man is named John.  He works at Charlie’s Smokehouse where Kristi and Annie work.  He also is on Rick’s pit crew for the race car.  I have never seen him down working at the docks with the fishing and so I asked him how he ended up there.  He said that he got the phone-call and came right away.  I smiled at him and told him that he is a good friends to my husband, and he is!   That is a picture of true relationships, and 18 year old who enjoys being with and helping out someone, let’s jut say, over 50!    What freedom to not be bound by peers, able to relate too and enjoy another generation —  this young man is the richer for it, as well as our daughters who also have friends of all ages!  This is Gills Rock —



Commercial Fishing has been quite the heart-attack maker this month, almost as much as the Packers!    Usually, the end of October, which is the end of the season until Dec. 1,  brings in heavy lifts and lots of roe as the fish are coming in to spawn on their favorite grounds for laying the eggs.

Not so this year.  The traps have not caught so poorly since 1978 while the gills nets are the ones catching although not as many as we would like to see being caught.

All that said, two nights ago we prayed that the fishing would increase and that God, the Creator and Keeper of the seas, would make up for the last two weeks with a bounty of fish.  God answers prayer and the Weborgs, good friends who we fish with but are a separate business, caught 13,000 pounds!   Rick caught a little over 2500 for which we are grateful.   There are three days left to lift before they have to pull the nets.  We are praying for lots of fish!

One of the issues our fishery has been dealing with is a pump problem on our Volva Penta.  This is the engine in our Gill Net boat and is going on 50 years old.  It is a Swedish engine and I have always been impressed with it’s ability to keep running your after year.  We may buy FORDs and talk about how tough they are, but I would have to add that these Swedish engines are in a class of their own.

Rick started having issues with the water pump on the boat, and as you can imagine, finding parts for old engines like these is not easy.  He eventually found one and it was shipped here a few days ago.  I found it when I stumbled on the box which was laying in the middle of our office!  Living in a home with so many businesses working out of it has taught me to NOT be surprised at what I have to walk around in our office or the front porch!   That is another post for the future–   the ending to the story of the pump is simple, on Wednesday it died.  This was a bummer as it stopped our ability to catch in the Gill Nets, but we are counting on our trap nets to make up for this loss.  It is always interesting with fishing — and it ALWAYS takes some faith!