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The heavens declare the GLORY of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork. Day to day they pour forth speech and night to night they pour forth knowledge.   Leave a comment

Ellison Bay Beach.  Monday night I met a friend and prayer partner at the beach for prayer.  There is hardly a richer place to meet with God then in His creation at the end of the day when He is showing off…………..   🙂

We shared hearts, prayed together and God spoke.  He spoke through the sunset as well as we felt His love, His peace, His faithfulness and His beauty.



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International ministry here in Door County, Team Johnson was on for serving last night and here are some of the pictures from this wonderful event.   Leave a comment

Team Johnson with Karee, reporting for duty!   We started set up at 5:30.

Ready to go!

Annie after the first serving……. she did well.  She was in charge of desserts and making sure that the Internationals did not load up too many desserts as they enjoy the sugary food!   She did very well at her post.

What a wonderful opportunity this is for our churches in Door County.  We serve them a good meal with lots of fruit and healthy foods.  They get to try American food like smoked whitefish and potato salad.  They want to try new foods and it is fun to see their enthusiasm.  We also provide them with a fun activity.  They have done lots of fun things and last night they did water sports out on the fish boats water skiing, tubing and swimming.  They enjoyed that very much as well.  In two weeks they will be served another meal and then they will all go kayaking.   The events serve 100-120 international students.  I really was blessed by the older folks in our churches who sign up to be drivers and load up their cars and spend their time serving in this way, not only for events but day to day meeting the needs of these folks.  A man in our church has the ministry of providing bikes and maintaing the bikes for every international so that they have some transportation for work.  Is this not the family of God shining bright?

The best part is that these folks come from all over Eastern Europe and China.  They come here to the states to work for around 4-6 months before they go back to their countries.  Last night I saw men and women from China, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Japan, and many more countries.   They come from a place of much spiritual darkness and rarely have they heard of Jesus.  We mostly hear that the churches of Europe are really just museums, visited on occasion.  We offer them Bibles in many languages along with spiritual information and  the Gospel.  We also teach them English classes with the Bible as  a source of the teaching and then once a week we also have a discussion group where they are free to ask any questions that they may have.   What a joy to see them come to Jesus and leave with seeds planted that they hopefully will take back to their countries and families.

Love, it.  So blessed to serve the world from here in Door County.  God is SO good!

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Grandma Wickman’s 96th birthday party. On Sunday we celebrated 96 years with Grandma Wickman. It was fun to see the some of Rick’s cousins and catch up on our lives. In the bottom picture you can see Grandma W. and to the left, seated on a stool is her sister Audrey. She is 92, drives all over, does volunteer work, gardens and is sharp as a tack! Hopefully these good genes in Rick’s family will give him long life as well, if the Lord wills.   Leave a comment

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Delicious raspberries from Roger and Gloria’s.  Rick and the girls pick and then Melody and I can them,  YUM!

Melody has mastered the jam making so well that she can close her eyes and be giggling and it still turns out perfectly!

Raspberry cake and glaze, one of Rick’s favorite treats.

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Our girls looking like movie stars at Collin’s baseball game, this is how we started the weekend on Friday night

Collin pitching…..  he had all of our girls cheering for him!   He took it all in stride as he is a confident young man!

Rick gave me cash to buy everyone hotdogs and so when one came looking for money they all came with their hands out!

Atlee and Sammy in the tree at the beach Saturday night.

Saturday was our first supper at the beach night.  We had pork loin, pesto pasta, carrot sticks and canned cherries…………   let the spitting begin!!  We have a tradition of spitting the pits at each other………..  ONLY when we are picnicking outside.  We had so much fun but Gretel would not join in,  next time she will!

Annie just got hit!

Cherry pit war!

Sammy and Kristi trying to hit Gretel

Sammy, concentrating, thinking, getting prepared, looking for Annie, preparing to ………………. bingo….. and he hits her!

Annie and Melody doing their hair for Sunday church, washing our hair at the beach makes it silky!

Still a beautiful view even though there was no sunset colors.

Sleeping children in the livingroom

Ending the weekend with Annie doing Kristi’s hair, let’s just say that she is a little lighter than she was before!

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My mother’s lilies

It is looking like a beautiful day today.  Yesterday was 87 but less humid and with a breeze.  It was bearable, even for this most definitely northern girl.

Yesterday was FAST…..  I worked with L to change linens in the cabin and help move furniture, making antiques from a garage fill up spaces and become useful.  It was fun, and, I got to handle some of the most beautiful linens, cottons well over 1000 count weave, like silk to the fingertips.   I will be shopping for a set which will have to be marked WAY down and probably not from France!

I left that work to go have lunch with a dear, dear friend.  We see each other maybe 3 times a year, talk on the phone another three but when we get together we laugh and laugh and God allows me moments and we share life.  Yesterday our talking moved from inside as the place was shutting down for the afternoon to our on chairs under a trellis where the conversation became deeper as in the more private setting we talked the concerns of the heart.  I was amazed at what life had brought my dear friend.   Life is not alway grand and easy on the road of parenting.

I have spent time this week loving a friend who’s son has chosen a drug over family relations and living the goodly life.

We have mourned with a friend who who’s son committed suicide after just graduating from high-school in June.

I have unfairly asked my daughters a number of times, “why does a young person commit suicide?”   I say unfairly because I have asked them too may times, I keep thinking that they, being teenagers, may somehow give me a clue that others have missed, I want an answer to a a question with a bottomless pit of variables that play into the answer.

The book that I have been reading has changed my perception of things slightly.  Life is all about choices, but it is also about pain and hurts and our responses to what has happened.  Whether rebellion or drugs or suicide, the actions are coming from very hard and deep wounds of the soul.

I love John 14 —  Let not your hearts be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in Me.   Christ said it, the antidote to troubled, hurting, wondering, fearful, anxious, concerned or aching hearts is to believe in God, believe in Christ.   Believe God is sovereign and knows.  Easier said than done most of the time, but so good when we finally land in that place where all we have left is looking to our Heavenly Father and believing.

Last night we took a young man, Collin, who was staying with us for the day to his Little League game.  We sat in the shade with a wonderful breeze blowing over us, talking among friends eating hotdogs and cheering on Collin.  It was peaceful and a wonderful way to spend a Friday night.  I have some pictures which I will put up later today.  Fun.  Our girls are football watchers, it is their Dad’s favorite sport so some folks where teasing them about not knowing what was going on during the game.  They were good sports in it all.  Folks didn’t realize they were only there to support Collin and work on their tan while looking like movie-stars in their sunglasses.   Hey, we all go to sporting events for different reasons!

Today I am going to focus on our garden, again!  I am first heading to Pamida to get some small fencing for my green beans and a few other necessary items.

I am also going to finish the laundry and ironing, get the floors all swept and spend a bit of time working on next year’s schooling.  I know I need to order ASAP so things are here when we start up in about 4-5 weeks.   Where does the summer go?

I am also going to bake bread to share with my friends who picked me cherries.

I also have a 5 year old, Atlee, who is sitting here with me and was dropped off at six this morning to stay with us until tomorrow after church.  He came with a list of things he would like to do today!   Is he a budding command man or what?

It is going to be a beautiful day and I am blessed


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