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More Beautiful than a sunset….. delightful wonderful friends sharing a sunset together!   Leave a comment

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Beautiful Door County Sunset. This is one of the greatest perks of living in Gills Rock, and God loves to put on a show for us here at the end of the peninsula!   Leave a comment

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Mothers Day photos, myself and the children, and Rick and I, where it all began!!!   Leave a comment

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Mothers Day   Leave a comment

Mother’s Day means the world to me, it really does.

When I was 18, had recently moved here to Door County, I went to see a doctor who after checking me out announced that I would be “lucky” if I ever got pregnant!  Although young and slightly naive of all the  biological reasons for this, I knew in my heart that this was not a good thing.  Already knowing that I wanted to marry Rick I realized that this was something he needed to know.  I remember telling him and asking him what he thought of this diagnosis and his response that he did want children but that this would not stop him from marrying me.  What a man!

We married the following May with the doctor’s diagnosis in mind………  and found out July 6th that we were pregnant with Matthew!   What a delight and a surprise.  God in His sovereignty knew that a baby would be a good thing for us right off the bat, not an easy time, but SO good.

We were renting the parsonage, the same home that my parents first lived in when they married.  We made so little money as fishing was in the slump years but Rick had faith that it would all work out.  Friends shared maternity clothes and the church family showered us with baby gifts.  Our faith grew as we set out on this new journey together of being a husband and wife as well as parents.  We knew so little but loved so much.

That was 28 years ago.

God in His love and faithfulness gave us six more babies of whom one I only held in my hand and now lives in heaven.

I can remember each time finding out that I was pregnant and being in awe…… knowing that mothering and the carrying of life is a privilege.  It was also, from the very beginning, the one thing I was sure I knew how to do.  Don’t ask me how I knew this.  I read one book in those first years..  by Dobson; The Strong Willed Child.  I guess I knew with a Scandinavian/German heritage our children would be a little on the “determined” side of the personality charts.  Little did we know!!   I just knew that my desire was to have children and raise them for the Kingdom and somehow I had this sense in my heart that this calling would bring me the most joy.  I had no idea of the magnitude of peace and delight and happiness that it would give me.  It has been the richest part of my life.

Mothering has taught me so much about myself, about humanity and about God.  Imperfect sinner that I am, I have been able to see the beauty of living with purpose for the sake of others, my children.  I have seen what love can do to bless a child and I have seen the shocking reality of my sins affecting my precious children.  It has been humbling along the way.

With three adult children I am at the half way point of this marvelous journey.  I sometimes sit and ponder the “best of times” when our table was filled with all of these children and the laughter and sharing and the joyful noise.  The memories are so beautiful, so deep and sweet.  Yes, those were the “best” of times and we can never go back.  I am also struck with the satisfaction of walking with adult children.  Much harder than having lots of smaller children as an adult child’s decision is so monumental to their life.  The discussions over jobs, relationships, church, God etc…  they have so much cost involved and yet it is so precious to share life with adult children.  Gone are the days of telling them what to do and their obeying, most of the time!  Now it is sharing ideas and sometimes telling, but knowing that they stand before God in their actions, not before me as a parent.

These are the days too…….

I am rich.  Rick and have always put our wealth in these children.  If all else fails we would look on the faces of these precious lives, the ones who look like us and in varying degrees act like us :),  and we would say that indeed we are rich, blessed, privileged and most of all loved.

Mother’s Day means the world to me,


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Annie’s 16th Birthday, beautiful, confident, tender-hearted, funny, kind, worshipper, devoted follower of God and His Word. We celebrated her with lots of families who have blessed her life, fun time!   Leave a comment

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Women of God in training. Annie, Alyssa and Kristi all worked with our Church in the Children’s Ministry. They gave up their time to bless the children. The end of the year program was at Camp Zion and it showed all that the girls did so serve all year long. They did a great job for the Kingdom and serving God.   Leave a comment

The girls lead in games, making it very fun for the children, lots of love and laughter.

They look full of mischief, but theses two girls with their full of life and fun personalities taught the children that God is about FUN too!

They did crafts with the children.  Kristi was often in charge of  making up the craft idea and she did some really fun things with the children. They have the funniest stories to tell from craft time when the children would get talking while they worked.

The girls helped with leading the children in singing.  How great for those younger children to see older one’s loving God in worship and encouraging them to love worship as well.  Excellent!

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Melody’s 12th birthday   Leave a comment

Melody wanted us to go outside and do painting together for her birthday, so we did!   Tradition in our house is that on the day of a family member’s birthday ( those who STILL live here!) there is no school and we play and have fun all day with the birthday person making the choices for food etc..

This was a sacrifice for Annie as you can tell by her face.  She does not enjoy art……. but, she is good and did a nice painting.   We all enjoyed our time outside and talking.  I really enjoyed the excuse to sit and be creative which is a treat for me.

Kristi and Annie blessed Melody all day long and made her favorite raspberry cake and Matteo’s pasta for her dinner.  Kristi did the table making it beautiful and feminine.

Always a princess in our eyes.   Beautiful, confident, caring, leader, worshipper, creative  follower of God and His Word.  That’s our girl Melody.

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