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Girls posing on Uncle Randy’s sweet truck! Then a few with Matthew and last of all myself with the birthday boy!   Leave a comment

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Monday………   Leave a comment

So it is Monday morning.

Rick just left to set nets as we had wild winds for the weekend and for the safety of the nets he pulled them out.

He and I discussed the week as we often do Sunday P.M. and Monday mornings.

My list is long with phone-calls and tracking down items for the two different job sites for this week.   The good news is that the parsonage will be done the end of this week…….  YIPPEEEEEEE.  THe better news is that a week from today Pastor Doug and Twila will be moving in and our church will be able to move on, and we can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do.

Today is also our sweet Melody’s birthday.  She want to sleep in and then have pancakes.   We will do Bible and prayer and then very little school as that is one of our homeschool treats.   She has given me her menu for the day which will necessitate a quick trip to the store.

It is  a beautiful day and so we will spend it being creative as in painting and sewing and possibly taking a hike.

I will spend it having fun with my darling 12 year old but I will also be doing laundry, book work and cleaning my room!

I have needed a day off to catch up here at home so I will make the most of this day in every way.


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Sunday Morning   Leave a comment

The house is still quiet as everyone enjoys the last few moments of sleep and warmth in their beds. THEN the chaos begins….. The girls will pretty much fly around the house from the bathroom at this end to the bathroom on their end, doing their hair and jostling for mirror space. Between the hair preparations they will grab bites of breakfast off the island in the kitchen. Rick and I started having breakfast to ourselves about a year ago. We sit calmly enjoying eggs, bacon toast and sometimes hash browns with homemade grape juice and coffee. We visit and catch up for about 20 minutes and then we face our denial that it IS Sunday and we have better run and so we join the girls in the mad dash to be dressed, fed, and out the door with the necessary music! After 28 years and six children this is our normal Sunday morning.

So far this morning I have picked up a little, put a chicken dinner in the crock-pot and made coffee for my sweet heart.

Now I will go shower and dress before making a big breakfast for him and going over my music one more time.

We will be singing these songs this morning:

God of Wonders

In the Secret

He Touched Me

Complete in Thee

Here I am to Worship

In the Garden

Can’t wait to worship together with my church family. It will be sweet.

After church we will hurry home to eat and then get Annie off to her last driver’s ed class.

Later this afternoonI am going to go to a sweet younger friend’s house to wash her dishes and clean up her kitchen for her. She was served divorce papers in the last few days and her life is falling apart. We usually adhere to a total days of rest beyond cooking for the Lord’s Day, but I remembered that Jesus healed on the Sabbath. I know that cleaning her kitchen for her will bring her healing in the form of peace over at least her kitchen today. Please pray for the couple, J and L, they need a miracle, they are babes in Christ and struggling so hard.

Blessed today,


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Melody has enjoyed painting recently and has enjoyed being outside while working. A little friend watched and also enjoyed playing with puzzles.   Leave a comment

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Matthew came home last weekend and he came to take Annie out cruising in his truck. What a brother! She enjoyed it so much and they had fun together. Best of all, they came home safely, the children…….. and the truck!   Leave a comment

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Finished, all in God’s perfect timing   1 comment


Why is it that finishing something is so satisfying…… is it one of the rare moments when we can experience somewhat of a God feeling as He finished all of creation and then sat back and saw that its was good?   I believe He spoke with satisfaction as, after all, good brings satisfaction.

Yesterday was the end of a Beth Moore Bible study I have been doing in our home.  It has been months of traveling some deep waters together.

We were doing Breaking Free and so I was not surprised that havoc played out in each our personal lives……… not surprised at all.

The very first time I lead this study I went through the horrible loss of our 7th baby through miscarriage followed by months of not feeling well at all and on top of that  the most unreasonable fears at night.   I still praise God for how the Bible study spoke to me and how God gave me incredible strength and ability to finish that study although I was physically weak and a little more than spiritually frayed around the edges.

That first time of doing this study was a particular time of picking up my sword spiritually, of learning to wield it with much more power and accuracy, and a time of firmly planting myself in the battle with the mindset of no retreat.

I have lead this study a few times since, always, always, always, with high personal attacks.    Our enemy is such a jerk.

I warned the sisters who did it with me that God would bring them to a new place in their lives but that the road would not be easy.

Little did I know that:

One dear sister would have her husband leave her

A sister would have her own mother and sisters turn against her

A sister in the Lord would walk have hopes dashed that a hard time would end

Relationships would be stretched in the lives of the girls

The list goes on…..

I wondered if we would be able to finish the study….

And we did!

A sister learned to battle her fears and  trust the Lord for the future of her and her children’s lives, and she learned watch for the enemies traps.

A sister learned to forgive her family and to understand what leaving the pit meant.

We all learned about the places in our lies where we had strongholds, we learned about sharpening our swords and watching relationships and taking every thought captive and how very much we are loved and adored by our Heavenly Father.

We learned the benefits of having an intimate relationship with God and the high cost of not obeying  His way.

Not all finished the study, but those of us who did celebrated the joy of growing close in God and delighting in His holy Word.

We finished in the comfort of sisters together sharing our lives.

The dearest treasures of the study to my mother’s heart where hearing my daughters open their hearts and thoughts freely and trustingly with this group of women.   Three generations all together laughing and sharing sweet treasures.

One of the most precious moments was yesterday at the last study when our Annie shared about a horrid experience from the night before, an experience that would have caused quite a degree of anguish and trial just a short time before.  Yet, because of God’s great sovereignty and design of our separate times of suffering that we each experience, God deemed this trial finished for our daughter.  She shared in confidence and with happiness on her face of what God has taught her and how she stomped the enemy by truth.   She had learned so much through this study and now had learned to wield  her sharpened sword.

Tears filled my eyes as I knew that this hard time was over….. God had finished the work in her heart for this time in her life and for this particular truth that He desired her to know.   I wept for joy as my daughter spoke openly of her freedom……

The study is finished for now…….  But we all left knowing that the learning and the living is not finished.  Oh the joy of knowing God and His great love and loving His  powerful Word.

Blessed so much,


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Foster Care   Leave a comment

I am sitting in my bathroom watching a dark haired three year old play in a bubble bath in my tub.  It is not a first time for this little girl to be having a “tubby” in my tub, but it is a first time for me to be blogging while in my bathroom.  She is old enough now that I do not have to be right beside the tub as in past visits.

This visit is the longest we have had with her and this particular visit has been the hardest.

I know my selfish heart and the need for loving discipline from my Heavenly Father.  Watching this little one has been eye opening to what a  person without discipline will  look like…….. totally out of control.

It saddens me to see so much potential clouded by such controlling and defiant to authority behavior.  But, as my husband always tells me, I see the glass more than half full!  way more than half full.

Today I spoke to this little one’s social worker and expressed my concern and asked for her guidance in what I should address with her behavior.  The very encouraging response was to treat her as my own.  That was what I wanted to hear, that is what makes sense, and that is what relieves stress.  The other very interesting comment that the social worker said was that this little girl acts up where ever there is order and structure in a home.  I asked if that was a problem and the social worker stated with great emphasis that structure and routine are exactly what  all children need and thrive the best in.

What a blessing to find that we are on the same page…..  now I know that loving this little one, along with having a goal for her to self-govern herself is an acceptable plan.

The good news is that the other night after three days of dealing with bad behavior consistently ( to my exhaustion!!)  she sassed me up and down as we were climbing in the car after a hike.  All I said to her was that it was not nice to talk like that.  By the time I got into the driver’s seat she was a very subdued child and she quickly said to me that she was sorry for calling me names.  Victory…..  no discipline just a precious little heart that responded to conviction…..  All I could do was smile.   She may be tough, but my love and training be it as infrequent as it may be, will show her a different way.

One of the other perks of foster-care besides seeing little break throughs of sweetness, is that I get to hold this child on my lap for Bible, lay by her at nap time and bed time and read to her about Jesus, hold her and pray for her, now and for her future, pray for her to know God and to break free from the generational junk, for God to rescue her.  That is worth it, all the work stress that it does bring to a home is worth it to bring my God into the life of this little one.

Well, bath time is done and I hate to be the one to tell her……………  there will be a scene as she loves to play in the bubbles   🙂

Pray for the hundreds, I hope thousands, of Christian foster care parents who tonight will have a chance to be Jesus to little ones and big ones who need Him desperately.

Blessed on this other road that the Lord has us on,


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