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Fourth of July in the past meant the Gills Rock fishing fleet all decked out for boat races, and tug of wars between the boats. An engine or two getting blown up in the fun changed the activities but this is still a photo of precious memories to those of us who’s port is Gills Rock.   1 comment

This is a picture from the newspaper article about Commercial Fishing.   Leave a comment

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The last few weeks have been a blur…….. and not a good and exciting one either!     It was two weeks ago that Kristi and Annie started to have signs of a cold.  I treated them with the normal regiment of herbs and vitamins and they started fevers and then started to really feel miserable.   Last Monday, after being sick for over a week, their father decided that they needed to go to the doctor so off we went.  Our girls do not like the doctor, it is a genetic thing inherited from their father….   🙂   The girls were hysterical in the office as we  waited for the doctor, they were confessing the reason they do not like this particular doctor and Annie’s reason was in regards to the argyle socks that he usually wears!   She went on to say how offensive his bedside manner was because when he sat down his pants leg would go up and expose his nasty choice of sock style!    I was cracking up…..   they are so funny.   Wish I could have caught the whole conversation on tape!   When Dr. Arnold came in and sat down, well, needless to say,  none of us made eye contact as we checked out his sock choice for the day!

After much discussion about viruses BLAH BLAH BLAH,  We were told that the girls just needed to ride it our another week or so due to harshness of this particular virus.  I am not an antibiotic junkie, but I also knew how sick the girls were and the symptoms that looked like strep to me.  After discussing step he reluctantly did a strep test.   The rapid test came back negative and so we went home with no real help.   This gave both girls more ammunition for their reasoning as to why it was unnecessary to see the doctor…..

It was very humorous at the supper table as the girls described to their father the events at the doctor’s office.  One of the girls, who I will not mention!!,  went on to tell her Dad that there was only a half a pound difference between her and her sister, and would he like to guess which one is “heavier”?   The other sister quickly commented in her defense that she had drunk two bottles of water prior to the visit and water weighs quite a bit!!

The girls got worse and by Wed. Melody was full blown into the fever….   Melody and Annie had taken up residency on the two couches in the living room and when I checked Melody for a fever (which was 101.5 at the time)  I read the thermometer out loud to which Annie, lying pale and sickly on the other couch, raised her hand in triumph that she still had the record for the highest fever!!!   It is always a competition in this house.  🙂

Thursday morning I had decided that I was going to call the doctor in the afternoon if the girls did not show some improvement …..   and then the doctor called and said that YES, it was indeed strep.   I was so relieved.   Let’s just say that this later diagnosis ( although the culture had to take this long to develop)  only gave the girls MORE reason to expound on their view of doctors….     They are naughty!

So, two days later, I think we are starting to mend….   and the best news is that Melody, who took all the natural meds for a week, did not get a full blown case and NO asthma!    God is good.

In the process of getting better we have gone through every bit of Triaminic, Nyquil, Tylenol, Motrin, nose strips, Vicks, and no less than 8 full boxes of Kleenex.

A week ago, on Saturday morning, it had looked like the girls were turning around.  THis lasted for only about two hours, but in those two hours I made a decision to gut out the office and switch the office and school room.  This was so that we would gain more eating area for when we entertain, organize the school room out by the wood stove where we do school all winter to keep the cost down on heating the school room, and to give that front room the ability to be a guest room when needed.

This was a great idea….. but the older I get the more delusional I get about the time it takes to do things…..  actually I may have always been like this but Rick is not here to ask so we will stay with it being a newer problem in my life!  🙂

So, I thought it would take one day………  I finally got it 90% done yesterday,  seven days into the project.  Seven days and 10 large black garbage bags of STUFF, office papers that were over seven years old and not needed for tax purposes…..   junk, junk, junk.    It felt good and I do love getting organized.

What I realized is that if the Lord should tarry, as in like another say 10 years…… we have enough:

pens, pencils, coloring paper, paper clips, paints, fabric,  unread books, notebooks, manila folders and 4×6 photo paper to make it until then……

The house is lighter, and today I will finish moving some pictures that I want to redo and sort through a few more boxes of memory things that I am organizing for each child and myself.   Yes, myself because my husband does not care that I have saved EVERY note and card that he has ever given me…..  He’s Scandinavian, he can’t help it!   Although…… he does get a kick out of hearing me read to him different sweet things that he has written to me through the years, he is a romantic writer for being a Norsk blooded male!

Things are looking brighter …..  and I am thankful.

Off to hang clothes out on the line and feed the girls who are just waking up!



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Old school room, now school library, office and art room. I still need to organize sewing in the corner in the next week.   Leave a comment

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Old office, now school room and library, decorated in Gills Rock decor, fishermen and boats.   Leave a comment

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mom, do you remember many years ago, when we went shopping in junk stores on the east side of Cleveland? We walked into this dark and dank store which if I remember, did not seem all that safe. We both saw this beautiful blue tea-pot. I remember that we both wanted it, but you, being the good mother, let me have it. I have never used it without thinking of you and what a loving mother that you are. I only hope that I will be so generous to my daughters someday….. :)   Leave a comment

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Yesterday the girls were able to be up a little more and so I decided to have them do something creative. It is my opinion that going without creativity for over a week is not good for the soul. We made these beautiful stars for the windows, the pretty colors bring some “spring” to our house.   Leave a comment

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