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Mighty winds. We have had gales winds for the last four days. On Monday Rick came running in the house saying that the dock was giving way to the waves. Annie and I bundled up and went down to the dock to see what was happening. The waves had collapsed the dock corner between two slips. The fear was that the dock could completely collapse on the boat, pinning it in the slip and damaging the side. Annie and I watched as the men discussed how best to back out into the waves to move the Freitag to the ferry boat landing about 1500 feet north on the shore. My stomach sickened as I heard them discuss timing the waves so backing into a wave would not roll the boat. After much discussion it was decided that the trip to the dock in 10-12 foot waves was not worth the risk. Better to let the boat be banged then risk lives. I was relieved even though they were still talking moving it in the night if the winds stilled. The life of being married to a Commercial Fisherman! I can see little Ruby Weborg shaking her head at the guys when they would head out into the waves. She would shrug her shoulders and say that we need to pray for them. We did indeed pray! Wisest words a Commercial Fisherman’s wife could share.   1 comment


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Good friends. Fishermen came to check the boats and then gathered around Rick weighing out the issues with the dock and the risk of heading to the ferry dock. I am always blessed to see these guys work together, one heading over to tie a line while being beaten by a wave, four of them down on their knees working to brace the boat with wenches. They are so brave and calm at the same time, working quickly as a team instinctively knowing what ropes and chains to get to solve the problem. Quite the group these men are! Love them all.   1 comment


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This is breakfast at our house, food tea or coffee, Bibles out, filling our hearts with truth, journals for notes, recipe for supper out and a stalk of oregano to discuss that the plant parts can be used for. I forgot the ever present chore list! Always a little chaos, always learning. Love it!   Leave a comment


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Fall abundance. This is and will be a common site for the next few days, canning equipment on the stove! We have canned plums, plum jelly and juice, grape jelly and juice, tomato juice-soup-spaghetti sauce and stewed. This is good although very hard on a kitchen! My girls were fussing about their hands turning blue from the grapes and I told them it wears off……. in about a week! I always tease them about the skills they will have on their “wife-resume” form!   Leave a comment


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Fun nights at PC Junction. Kari, Robyn Weborg, Lyle, pedal-car racing in the dark! We had such a good time together.   Leave a comment


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These are the rewards I gave myself for being a good Mother-of-the-Bride! A new apron and a new dishtowel and pretty napkins. What fun!   Leave a comment


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Annie’s awesome garlic bread   Leave a comment


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