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After a week of on again off again oxygen, and fighting a bad cold I am glad to have good news.
Last night when I called to check on him I asked, “How are you doing Dad?” He answered, “Terrific!”
If you know my Dad you know that that has been his response for years, and he MEANS it!
So when he responded with that word last night I knew things were better and my heart was thrilled.

Please continue to pray for my Mom and Dad. This is hard in it’s own way for Mom to drive in each day and be there for hours.

The good part is that Dad’s room mate is a Believer and sweet. He tolerates children coming in and being there well.

Mom will go with the Penrods to the funeral and their church will have someone there to care for Dad on Monday and Tuesday. I love the their church, what a blessing.

Good news today

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Remembering   1 comment

Yesterday a beloved Uncle died suddenly of a heart attack.
I received the news and was stunned. Uncle Leigh was a precious man, father of 10 and he and his wife were mentors to me in homeschooling and having a large family. They lived life in a very real world with all of it’s joys and sorrows. They were over comers and their testimony is one I have shared with many to encourage walking Christ-like in hard times. They came to visit me a few years back and it blessed me so much. I will never forget opening the door and seeing Uncle Leigh and Aunt Char standing there and knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that they loved me so much. Uncle Leigh’s hugs were strong and assuring. What a precious time we had together. The last time I saw them was a year ago at my Mom’s 70th birthday. It was a chaotic time that afternoon and so there were just a few moments together in the kitchen……. not enough time by any means.
I will miss his wonderful humor, his frankness and honesty, his willingness to answer my questions on cameras and computer things and not make this blonde feel dumb!!! 🙂 He was always patient with me. I will miss seeing he and Auntie Char together, him the strong man and protecter, man of ideas and ambitions, balancing my sweet Auntie, strong in her own way, but smaller and gentler, sweet smiles and loving words, supporting her husband, always by his side. Praise the Lord for His ability to care for her.
Praise the Lord for Uncle Leigh knowing and loving God here on earth and now experiencing his salvation completely in the presence of his Lord.
Praise the Lord for peace in the assurance of heaven. Praise the Lord that He is compassionate, loving and kind.

Psalm 116:15
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

Blessed to have had an Uncle Leigh in my life
Blessed more to know I will see him again some day


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Lidia, Melody, and Hannah celebrating Melody’s 11th birthday. Sweet friends and a sweet time together   Leave a comment


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Busy times….
School went wonderfully. We are studying the spiritual beliefs of the early 1900’s and how the lack of spiritual truth set some countries up for demise as in Russia, Italy, Germany. What amazed us is the similarities between the mind-set then and now. We need Jesus and truth.

Had a list of many things to accomplish……… not even half were done. But, I did:
Teach music to children
Have a wonderful Bible study on Lies Women Believe and the Turth that Sets Them Free. Go get the book if you have not read it. It is excellent! We have a sweet time of sharing and prayer together at the Tues. morn. study.
Celebrated Mandy selling 3 cars in two days! PTL!!!!
Met with our church family on Wed. night to celebrate the end of the year for our club program and had wonderful fellowship with many young moms and dads. Not that I am not one of the young ones, but you know I am getting a few gray hairs!!!
Put in hours of book-work which pleased my husband!
Spent time talking with my parents.
Did some ironing while listening to Prairie Home Companion archives on the internet… laughed lots!
Was blessed with much company stopping in to say hi and encourage one another
Cared for sisters who’s brother was in the ICU for a major concussion. WEAR your helmets and do not think it can’t happen to you!
Did some laundry……. THAT always blesses the family
Baked bread
Worked on Kristi’s senior pictures and decisions for her graduation.

Good week. Productive week even if it wasn’t in the areas that I thought it would be. My list often rolls into the next week as it will this coming week, second chances at getting things done. I keep my lists loose because we have an open door policy here and when folks stop by and need something I am open to that need. Our girls are wonderful in continuing their work, caring for children who come along, and even meeting the needs of others as they are able.

Our desire is that our children have a well rounded education, book studies, music yes, but serving humanity is equal in our minds, especially the lost and the body of Christ. God in His faithfulness has provided and continues to provide many opportunities for this part of their training. It is hard, and it is good!


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Teaching the children the Fruits of the Spirit   Leave a comment


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Kristi, helping little ones with their marshmallows. Kristi and Annie worked our children’s program at church this year and were a tremendous blessing. Kristi is a natural with children.   Leave a comment


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