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Beautiful Friday   Leave a comment

It has been a wonderful day.

The sun is setting and casting a pink hue on all the white birch trees outside my windows.  I like this time of the year with darker evenings, perfect for candle light at the dinner table.  Soon enough this peaceful season of the year will give way to the madness of living in a tourist area.

We did accomplish some school with everyone claiming they did all their work.  We also cared for Sammy, playing games with him such as “wild animal” where Melody chases him and attacks him with tickles and being wrapped up in a blanket.  He also did school as I am working with him to learn self-governing ie; sitting still, drawing neatly and listening.  He is making improvements.

Annie and Sammy baked cookies for everyone who played games here after lunch.  It was fun to play Phase Ten with the gang, would have been more fun if I had beaten  those teens!  They are a competative bunch.

The last of the teens just left after watching a short Disney Movie.

I need to finish some laundry, feed the family and pick up my bathroom and then the day will start to wind down.

I feel blessed to see the hand of God today not only in the beauty of a snowstorm and the sunset, but in the faces of these children as they laugh and enjoy one another.  I saw Him in His Word, in the phone call from a friend telling of answered prayers, in the warmth of our fire as He cares for our home.  He is so good.



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When it’s a full blown blizzard outside in Northern Wisconsin, it’s the perfect time for…………..   Leave a comment


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Watching Little Women, knitting and enjoying a winter evening together   Leave a comment


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Mandy’s birthday cake, made by Kristi, and VERY delicious. How many girls have Arctic Cat green frosting? That’s our Mandy!   Leave a comment


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Beautiful sisters in Christ hauling wood in bitter cold weather. Because that’s just how we do it around here!   Leave a comment


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Door County has it’s issues, many of which are SO sad and inexcusable.

BUT,  THe little community of Gills Rock has some  rules by which we live by that are BEAUTIFUL!

The picture above was from about three weeks ago.

It was a bitter cold day with winds coming off the bay at 35 MPH and no guessing the wind chill.

The ladies came for Bible study and as they were getting ready to leave one of the girls mentioned she needed to get wood off the family property for her wood stove.  Annie, the one in need, has had neck pain for weeks and migraines.  Immediately we all said. “we are going with!”  She tried to stop us to no  avail as we bundled up and followed her to the property located here in Gills Rock on the water.  

We started hauling wood from a shelter, but as you came along the lake side of the house the wind was hurling icy pellets at 35 MPH which stung and went into you mouth and felt like sand.  THe wind would take your breath away as you rounded the corner.  I am  proud to say that these strong Northern women filled the back of Annie’s truck, not stopping till the job was done!   That’s just how we do it here!

Or how about this morning when my husband was out snowplowing and came upon a stranded woman who is part of a Hollywood crew up here filming a movie.  She was buried far from the highway.  He called a friend and they plowed a path for the woman and freed her from the snow drift for no charge.  She was the first of a few he helped after today’s storm.  That’s just how we do it around here.

How about volunteering to watch a young couple’s children so they can attend AA meetings for free, and drive them if needed.

If our daughter’s need help with their cars and dad can’t help they have a neighbor up the road who help them and myself ANYTIME.

Our daughters were home alone for the weekend and some boys started to take a scaring prank too far.  No problem in Gills Rock, they knew who to call to help them, and let’s just say those boy will NEVER go to far again!

A neighbor needs food, we pass the hat

A neighbor needs money,  we pass the hat

A neighbor needs a break, we watch the children

A neighbor is sick and needs food, meals, cleaning, care is all given for days on end.

Someone runs out of money while we are at a youth outing.  Teens pass the hat so nobody is left out.

That’s just how we do it around here

Parents could not afford to send their teens to camp last weekend. we pass the hat and all went paid in full.

Someone falls off the wagon, again.  We go and love and encourage.

A missionary family comes for six months and they are given a home to stay in, full pantry, clothing for all their family members.

That’s just how we do it around here.

We may not always get it right, but we share in the sorrows and the joys.  We pray hard for one another.

We brought home two boys for foster care and we were inundated with clothes for them and toys, everyone rallying around us to help take up the burden we had taken on.  Our burdens are never our own because we are a community.

We had a wedding recently and the family did not have a lot of money.  THe decorations were beautifully done by a lady in our church and afterwards many of us stayed for a couple hours un-decorationg the church because the groom was one of our own and we try to take care of each other even at weddings!

That’s just how we do it around here!

SO, 35 MPH winds and bitter cold didn’t stop a bunch of sisters in the Lord from helping out another sister.

That’s just how we do it around here.

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I SHOULD be suspicious with those faces!!!   Leave a comment


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