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Being a Help meet.   Leave a comment

My husband and I are self-employed and own three different businesses.  It is a little crazy all year around, but at this time of year it is absurd.  All of the sudden I am overwhelmed with numbers, sales tax forms, 1099s  and bank statements, computer print outs and my absolute distain for accounting.  I am just not good at the number game.  I have run the books for a number of years and God has always shown His faithfulness to me in this endeavor.  I am thankful God gives ability for the things we must do in life.

I am thankful to be a wife and mother.  My greatest joy is being my husband’s wife and the mother of his children.  The work involved with those two honors is for another post!  🙂

I want my girls to know that God is going to take them to amazing places in their future and they can trust Him for their future.  They will have all the wisdom they need to help their husbands in the unique areas that they will be called to be helpers to them.  

I am a high-school graduate.  I have never studied for the titles that God has given me.  Business owner, accountant, Public Relations, Sales-woman, fisherman’s wife and all that that entails, musician, worship leader, Bible Study leader, teacher for my children, interior decorator, truck driver and fish delivery lady!   I handle computers that are security encoded, have learned to care for beautiful stonework and art pieces, care for beautiful gardens of exotic flora, and cook meals for clients who have traveled the world!  

I had no clue at 18 that I would have held all these titles and done these jobs in the 27 years of my marriage.  Yes, I married VERY young!  🙂

As each need has come along in our businesses I have prayed for wisdom and then started the job needed.   Yes, in the middle of some jobs I have had to learn via books or researching for answers, and that is fun in itself…….. at least for me.  

God does not give us boring lives as women!  He wants us to be help-meets to our husbands and for  my own family  that has meant lots of involvement from me. It is fun to see all that He has taught me and the situations He has lead me through.  I just have to praise Him.

Don’t fear daughters.  Your life will be full and rewarding.  Your mind will grow and learn as you pursue knowledge for your life and the tasks that it brings.  God has great plans for each of you.  I am not God, I do not know what His plans are for your life beyond loving and enjoying Him and bringing Him glory.  I can’t wait to see what they are!

BY the way……………. there are things I have found that I cannot do!  I am not good at accounting and keeping the books, it takes me so long to do simple forms.  I can’t bake cookies to save my life, ( I think it is an ADD thing with me ).  I cannot hammer over 4 inch nails, make a straight plum-line or measure to hang pictures.  I am terrified of chain-saws, but enjoy cutting on a table-saw.  I can mow a lawn but not in a boring back and forth pattern, Rick never knows what our lawn will look like!  I can shoot a gun, but I cannot kill possums and other rodents that show up around here, too gross.  I cannot start a fire in the wood stove with just one match,  but I bet you can guess who can!  I cannot hang, or cut, or mow, or draw straight lines.  It must be the free-spirited part  that keeps that from working for me!  But, that is OK because I am married to Mr. 1/8th inch who is incredibly precise and makes up for all my crookedness!  🙂  We would not have a healthy marriage if we were both that way, I am just sure of that!  We balance each other.  🙂

Being a help meet is a rewarding place of service in the kingdom of God and He blesses us.  And,  we woman get to be amazed at all God enables us to do.




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