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Two days down……..   Leave a comment

I have survived two days of broken toe.  Not quite the epic that Wounded Knee was, but close in my opinion!

Spent yesterday trying to be calm on the couch.  In a small community news spreads fast so there were visitors and phone calls.  The girls went with their Dad to church and received many questions on how it happened and were able to rectify the rumor that it was “just” a broken toe.  You know, the kind of broken toe that everyone has had and survived with hardly a moment on the couch and were off to work the next day.  We are stong Mid-westerners in this neck of the woods, Nothing gets us down!!!   The girls told the story and explained my toe is smashed, hence the blood and if toes had guts we would say guts as well!  So now I am receiving more adequate sympathy  :)!

A woman I have been mentoring is bringing supper tonight.  I am glad for that as it will give me a moment to talk with her, and the meal will help alleviate stress in what may be a very busy and confusing day as we figure how to do school from the couch and get chores done.  I am so thankful that we have had a really good chore schedule going so we are in a good routine with that, meals included.

Yesterday I was playing games on the couch with Melody and she mentioned that God allowed this to happen as I am too busy.  This will make me sit down and relax.  Melly is a fount of wisdom for her age.  I did tell her that work is not bad for us and most of my busyness is related to work.  It is not like I am out playing and having fun many time a week!!  Her musings of the situation were echoed by her father late last night as we talked before falling asleep.  Rick agrees that this will be a good time to slow me down and teach me to relax in my mind despite the situation I am in.  I know he is right but I tried to get him to understand that it is NOT easy to calm down mentally when I know the many jobs that need to get done in the next few weeks and the daily routine just to stay on top of our busy household.  This is going to be an exercise in faith, AGAIN!  

The pain is worse today but I know this is part of the healing.  It’s so spiritual isn’t it.  How often does my spiritual growth blossom out of the hardest situations?  Often!

Time to deal with pain.


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My toe, wrapped and protected in my dandy hospital shoe. At least it is blue which will match most of my wardrobe!   Leave a comment

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It’s all about a toe today!   1 comment

This has been quite a week.

Three daughters became sick with bad colds, although the tinctures are helping.

Our son has not been well for a couple of weeks and is having to deal with that.

My precious Father ended up in the hospital on Thursday night and is fighting an infection.

I was feeling a little worn out from a canning marathon of three days, canning over 60 jars of various produce.

Then………… last night after supper I decided to get the canning in the garage organized and then bring in the latest boxes from this past week’s work.  Rick was gone to the football game and so I knew I could make the mess that often accompanies cleaning!   I was half way though the job when I went to pick up a box full of quart jars of spaghetti sauce.  The box was on top of our cast iron grill which covers two stove burners and weighs at least 15 pounds if not more.  

I lifted the box and did not realize that it was stuck to the grill, or that the grill was moving as I lifted the box.  You can imagine the rest of the story……..  the grill landed on my left big toe.  I will spare you the gruesome details and sum it up with saying that after much blood loss, calls to Rick who was at the football game, calls to first responders and my seeing that the whole toe-nail did not look good, it was decided that I should head to the emergency room.’

Kristi drove me to Sister Bay to meet Rick who then drove me the hour trip to our local ( relatively speaking)  hospital.  Once there we started the long process of evaluations, cleaning, and x-rays to determine that I had indeed broken the last bone on my large toe, and that the nail needed to be sewn back onto the toe.

The good news…  after three shots of something to deaden pain I did not feel a thing.  Mandy was there to help and she did not faint!  She has been our girl who freaked at the least amount of blood and last night she showed a beautiful maturity in her nurturing and caring for me.  We were so proud of her!  She also took photos via cell phone and sent them to her siblings……. gross.  Rick was thinking that we would be seen as really weird for doing this but the doctor confirmed that this is a common practice in this day and age of cell-phones with cameras and the thrill of reality TV!  At least the toe was cleaned up and looked a LOT better than when I arrived!

The girls were so precious in how they took are of me at home and despite the blood everywhere they held ice on my foot when I could not sit up.  They also cleaned up things.  They were brave and stayed calm even in their fear and concern.

Rick was more than wonderful, he was so kind and loving and supportive.  He just gets better and better!

When the doctor was going over the prescriptions he mentioned that I would be getting a narcotic for the pain.   The doctor warned me not to drive while on it, to be careful walking, not to sign any papers or make any decisions or promises…….  Rick started to chuckle and wondered aloud at one point if he could talk me into a new race car while under the “influence.”  Jeni’s boyfriend Jason called today and reminded Rick to get everything I agree to in writing!!!!   HA HA HA

So, I am on the couch, foot up, pain meds wearing off so I am gradually getting to the level of discomfort I was warned about.  My girls are so taking care of everything as I try to stay comfortable and keep my foot protected,   It will be a long week, and the doctor said it will be three weeks of pain.

I have to admit I am not so joyful, in fact I have been mad today a few times.  I have so much to do.  It is my favorite time of the year and we just started hiking and enjoying the beauty of fall.  I have little jobs I want to get done to get our house in order…….  they will have to wait a bit.

I guess I need a lesson in patience AGAIN!

So, today it is all about a TOE!

Blessed anyway!


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Grapes, how God provides!   1 comment

The other day Melody and hiked to the area we have picked wild grapes at for many years.  There were very few grapes, in fact the whole wild mass of vines looked terrible.  My heart sank as we have had more difficulty each year finding vines with adequate amounts of fruit.  I see more and more vines along the highway but the organic side of me screams “don’t even be tempted!”  

So while visiting with a friend I mentioned that  I was looking for grapes.  She said that her SIL’s property has an abundance and that I should go pick there.  My friend had been told to pick and she is a gardner but not a canner.  

My favorite work-crew ( my beautiful girls) and I went up to scout out the situation and found the most beautiful grapes I have seen in years.  There were so many!  We picked and picked and came home with at least a bushel.   

There is something spiritual about making grape juice, maybe it is because the fruit of the vine is what Jesus used to represent His blood.  I do not know what it is, but when I squeeze the huge bag of cooked grapes and I watch the dark juice drip out into the pan and turn my hands red I think of the cross every time!  The color and the amount pouring over my hands does a small flip in my stomach.  To think of the the powerful blood of Jesus running down wood and mingling with the dirt and rocks at the foot of the cross moves me.   Jesus told us to be reminded of Him and His death when we drink the cup of communion.  I can see why He said that….

The squeezing and twisting of the bag, the thoughts pondered in my mind last for a few minutes, and then the job is finished, that experience stored away until next year’s grape harvest.

The juice and jelly turned out beautifully.  The juice will be for Christmas breakfast, birthdays and the Seder meal at Easter time.  We are having some juice this morning to celebrate the harvest!

I already have 6 jars of the jelly spoken for as some folks make their wishes known the minute they know I am canning some wild grape jelly.  

I also canned 6 qts. of our spaghetti sauce that Rick likes.  It turned out delicious, we all had to taste it of course and give opinions on what might be needed to be adjusted.  In the end we let it be and decided that the taste was just perfect.  God still does miracles!

So the harvest continues.  Today will be plums, green beans, and more spaghetti sauce.  I am making a turkey for supper so the house should smell wonderfully by the end of the day.

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Wild grapes clusters, most beautiful grapes that I have seen in years!   Leave a comment

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Picking the grapes off of our friends old barn.   1 comment

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Beautiful bounty,   Leave a comment

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