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Reading about Death’s Door while we cross Death’s Door, yikes!   Leave a comment

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I love this verse as it is so applicable to our lives, see following post.   1 comment

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I always wanted to marry a farmer, but I never dated one so that was out of the question!  But, I did marry a commercial fisherman, a definite cousin to farming.  We don’t own hundreds of acres of land, but my husband works miles and miles of Lake Michigan.  It is a faith building, faith challenging life, but it is in his blood.  Although my husband has many work skills it is fishing that is his main business, for now!

Yesterday I stopped at the shed here in Gills rock and saw an all to common occurrence this year; two fisherman, two hired hands and three boxes of fish.  The stainless steel counter for cleaning fish had a few whitefish on it that the guys were cleaning, but the table was mostly empty.  It has been a long hard summer, nets more than empty with too many days of counting the catch on less than 10 fingers.  Why?  Some blame the ecology of the lake being changed due to zebra mussels brought in on the bottom of big ore carriers.  Others say it is pollution or just a part of the cycle of the lake.  At any rate, for us it is uncontrollable and week after week of it has had it’s cost on us.  I am glad for faith in God not faith in fishing.  I am glad for my work to help out and the strength to do the work.  I am thankful for unmerited favor and little blessings that have surprised us.  I am thankful for hope the Fall fishing will be good.

Summers like this where the work has been hard and the days long do leave a weariness in the bones.  I have never felt so tired as I have felt the last few weeks, mentally and physically.  There is an empty feeling in my soul which is not incriminating although sometimes others may think so, it is a season, it is a valley in the walk of my faith.  I have been here before and have seen God’s hand lead me out many times in the history of my walk.  What I am thankful for is the knowing that I will come out of this valley with tangible lessons learned, wisdom gained, and deeper faith.  It is all GOOD, because I believe in a Sovereign and Good God Who does not fail. 


John 16:33 

THese things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.

I serve the Overcomer of the world, what have I to fear?  

As I get older I realize how precious, how very precious heaven is.  NOT because it is this place where I get to see those who have gone before, but because it is NOT here!  Age does give wisdom and when I look around I see how fallen this place is and I long for the perfection of heaven where God is.  I get more excited all the time because the earth, even in all of it’s beauty, just does not captivate me like it once did, the longing in my soul is turned toward eternity like never before.

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Jeni and Mandy, older sisters, ready to attack the cake!   Leave a comment

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Kristi’s lemon cake, four layers with homemade lemon curd between layers. Delicious!   Leave a comment

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This girl can cook! Kristi made her now famous lemon cake for us the other night. All from scratch. This will look good on her “wife-resume!”   Leave a comment

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Watching the Brett Favre news conference, pretty sad. Notice how our dogs are not facing the TV, even they could not stand to watch!   Leave a comment

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